Pfalz Island (Rhine Tribunal)

I've been doing a bit of research on Pfalz Island, where it seems the covenant for our new campaign will be set. This place is detailed as a keep in Guardians of the Forests, but it seems, historically, this keep was build in 1326-1327. Am I missing something here, or are the ruins on the island actually a different keep from the one that is there today? :slight_smile:


It seems that you are right, I've checked several german resources and everyone says it was build in the 14th century.

I guess you've seen this page then Ferretz?

Maybe you should find a way to take control of nearby Gutenfels Castle instead. It's much larger, has a handy town at its base and (hehe) notice the comment on the page about it being used by an "industrial" concern to "train apprentices" lol.

Just create a good cover story for your covenant (Group of curious weavers making the most stunning (and unbeknownst to the common populace) subtly enchanted tapestries in all of the Rhineland :wink:.

With Gutenfels under your control you could:

  1. Easily take Pfalz at your leisure for additional sanctum space, or perhaps magical banditry on the Rhine (nobody gets by THIS tollbooth with ol Gregor the Rego maniac in da house! lol).

  2. Have a ready made grog/companion community as a labour pool.

Things to think about anyways...

Well, I'm not the storyguide of the campaign, and looking at the location of the keep, I'll have to say that I'm glad my character's heartbeast is an otter. Isn't the Rhine somewhat prone to flooding? :stuck_out_tongue: I guess the magi in the covenant will fight over the right to get the highest tower for a lab..


Well, in the campaign in question, Gutenfels is currently under construction.

Certainly looks like there's flood marks two meters up the walls, yes :slight_smile:

No better time to seize control of it then is there? lol.

Newsflash: A bizarre group lead by a hairy, dripping wet, man have assumed responsibility for the completion of the mighty castle overlooking Caub.

Villagers have reported a variety of strange occurrences including flashes of light, strange noises and one as yet unconfirmed report of large building stones seen flying over the Rhine in the direction of the rapidly rising structure.

A spokesman for the evasive group has said that favourable weather conditions promise an earlier than expected completion to the castle by week's end.

Church officials are mystified and have threatened to investigate.


Lol! :slight_smile:

My Danish post-Viking Otter-Bjornaer would not want to be in charge of castle construction, and he would much rather prefer to live on an island in the middle of the Rhine. :stuck_out_tongue:


no probs, Im sure the others wouldnt mind you taking the Pfalz as your own personal bathhouse and sanctum. More room for them in the castle that way (and a darn site less water damage to worry about)!


"Water damage" is my character's middle name. He has mastery in Mighty Torrent of Water, by the way. Multiple casting. And Footsteps of Slippery Oil. Nice. :slight_smile:

See, then you confirm my point. You take the island and revel in your waterlogged surroundings and the others can have the dry castle on the hill. That way there's plenty of room for all and less of a walk for you to indulge your nightly otter escapades in the Rhine.

Set yourself up as one of the many robber baron toll collectors of that period (up till about 1240 anyways) and you also have a perfect source of financial income to help provide for mundane covenant needs and staff.


You might be interested in our saga page:

where there are lots of pictures of the (modern) castle. Of course, it is perhaps no surprise that we have a covenant there, given that the SG is my co-author on GotF :slight_smile:

We have accepted the anachronism that the castle is later in construction. We've just assumed that a similar castle was on the site prior to the later one.

We came a bit unstuck when entering the Rhine Gorge. None of the three major suggested sites was initially big enough for the 8 magi in our troupe, so we settled in all three. Despite losing (at least) 3 players since inception, we are still spread over the 3 sites. Even worse, the three regular members of the game are each sited at a different part of the covenant! Frustrating when there's an emergency and you don't want to leave your lab! Still, frustrating = fun, so it's all good!


I remember some time ago there was a request for a floor plan of the castle... I've since found a better one on the web! Google for "pfalzgrafenstein" and "grundriss" and go to the first hit. If you click on "Aufmaße", you will also get a side-on view.

There is an inexpensive book, "Burg Pfalzgrafenstein und der Rheinzoll" by Magnus Backes which I have ordered, but not yet received. It claims to have numerous photos and 4 floor plans... (It's entirely possible that these are the same as in the Google link, however).

Nice plans although the tower in the middle is a surprise: ... enDocument