Phoenix: Rise From the Ashes, 2nd Incarnation

After a very short first saga, Phoenix: Rise From the Ashes has been reborn in a manner akin to the creature from which is was named. We have many of the same players and characters as our first incarnation, only in a brand new setting.

We're looking for 1-2 players with above-average writing and roleplaying skill to join this trouple-style saga set in 1213 AD Iberia. Due to the erratic posting availability of the players and SG, we're still but a few days into the saga, but already have a robust wiki and scores of covenfolk for players to run while they make their magi.

Setting details: we're running a mid-to-high powered campaign, a loose variant of the 3rd Ed Iberia setting, with handfuls of literary references tossed into the mix (the covenant's library has a series of tractii written by Gilderoy Lockhart, and the surviving archmagus founder of the covenant is Jamie Lannister ex Flambeau). Set just after the cataclysmic battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, the PC magi are part of a horde of journeyman magi flooding in to Iberia to fill the power rift after the death of dozens of established players in the OoH political arena, and to hunt down the cult of infernalist discovered at the battle.

Magi characters have a maximum of 5 years post-gauntlet experience.

A few additional links for those who are overwhelmed by the content we've generated so far:

Game summary.

The Cast of Characters

A short introduction to the covenant and its grounds

I'm interested. I have a couple of ideas I'm thinking about. I could take on one of the covenfolk in the interim. My writing muscle has been exercised infrequently. It's one reason why I've decided to take up pbp games.
What kind of retinue would a journeyman magus be entitled to bring with him? If I shaved off 7.5 xp/season could those seasons be devoted to enchanting, and assume that the vis is available for that.
EDIT: Nevermind about the retinue. I read the game forum a bit.

Welcome to the game, Jonathon. I've also been PM'd by Arya, so that closes the game for now (feel free to PM me if you want in, though, and I'll consider it)

You've seen the wiki, JL. Inhabitants marked with a double asterisk (**) have plot attached to them, so don't run too far with them. Inhabitants that aren't so marked are fair game for your development. Please start up a new thread for your character development concepts.

I am also interested. Do you have rooms for a verditius magus? (my favourite houseā€¦ :slight_smile: )