Would any of you happen to know where I could find statistics, template, or example of a phoenix?

Thank you

It's not a generic or specific creature. (Actually, depending on the myth you are drawing from., there is not "a phoenix", but only "The Phoenix", one and only one). It has origins in India (or before?) but then "we" know it thru Egypt, Persia, Greece... maybe some other cultural filters as well, and each time it changes.

So, again depending on the source, the bird has widely different characteristics. It's like a dragon - it is what you need it to be.

It has its origins and stories in many cultures. The egyptian phoenix is child of the sun and based on a vaguely birdlike image of the sun right after it comes out of an eclipse. (the frequency of them link to the time for rebirth). It also have another legend in india and many other places.

The picture below, sometimes called the phoenix corona shows where it is speculated the image came from and the death of sun (disappearing to eclipse) and then rebirth afterwards explains this more.

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Glad you liked it. As for stats I personally would make it a very powerful divine creature with rebirth and very high might. It is linked to the sun and very likely a creature of the Celestial or lunar sphere. It is reborn if it dies and incredibly large.

I would most likely look for shed feathers (Cr or Ig vis) as a plot point as the bird itself might be too big a bite for mages to chew on. Talking to it though could make interestnig adventure if you can find where it nests. (again, most likely a celestial regio)