physically building the covenant

this topic has gotten spread over multiple threads where it has become too difficult to track as people have departed from the original plan and started doing their own thing. I'm going to recap some basics, and lets put it all together here:
Aura: 5347 sq paces- roughly circular and roughly 83 paces in diameter
main building: 4920 sq paces, two parts: outside the aura built by Re craft magic in Autumn 1220, at roughly 3280 sq paces outside and 1640 sq paces inside the aura
The aura has 4 temples:
Temple 1: 333 sq paces
Temple 2: 361 sq paces
Temple 3: 136 sq paces
Temple 4: 222 sq paces
Covering in total 1052 sq paces in temples. Between the building and the temples use 2692 sq paces, leaving 2655 sq paces free to build. Anyone using craft magic to build their lab independently of these plans should claim the appropriate space within the aura for building. (for the record, there are roughly 9 sq ft to a square pace, so a 500 sq foot lab is 55 sq paces). Any such labs are also going to have the free structural virtue of dedicated building with +1 upkeep, +1 aesthetics, and +1 Re
setting up a lab is incredibly easy in this situation, as you simply grab and install a mobile lab, which had (before installation) a highly mobile virtue which will allow you to set up the lab in 1 week.
Building over the temples would require extra construction work, they are currently in an excavation pit (aside from temple 4 which isn't properly a building, and was only excavated a few inches)

While going through this I have found varying sizes for the main building as well as varying plans for how to utilize the temples, and different people seem to be progressing on different assumptions about these plans, o please post the plans and what is done here, even if you have posted it elsewhere, and this thread is to disucss plans only, not for arguments or clarifications on the craft rules being used.

All things being equal, I would prefer if Talus had his sanctum and lab as a separate building. He can easily arrange it so that the building straddles the aura, leaving his lab in the aura and his sanctum out of the aura if space in the aura is at a premium (which is seems to be). Also, if possible, I'd like to make the lab +5 size, as others seem to be doing. That would use up 275 sq feet of the Aura, or about 1/10 of the available building space inside it.

Would that be agreeable to everyone?

Frederic would prefer to have a lab in standard size with no extras except the once that mean no extra effort (free structural virtue of dedicated building with +1 upkeep, +1 aesthetics, and +1 Re). He really prefers not to be in a lab. But if there is a reason to do lab work it´s nice to have a personnel one.

size +5 is 1500 sq ft, or about 167 square paces.

Temple 4 is claimed by Antonius, and was rebuilt during the fall.

Oh, right. It's not a linear projection.

And Tomas is establishing his lab in Temple 3.

the crematorium could be great for frederic, +2 ignem, some features presents already.

Copying and editing from another thread:
Magi in order of Hermetic Seniority:
Talus: built lab 167 sq paces (size 5)
Antonius: Temple 4 (all)- rebuilt
Tartessos: currently using mobile. 2nd in queue for above ground permanent lab
Terra: Unclaimed
Tomas: Temple 3 (all 1225 ft sq) lab set up in summer
Frederick: Unclaimed, Temple 1 might be a good fit, or he can be third for a new one.
Euthymios: Temple 1 (undetermined amount; 1500 ft sq would be 1/2 and make a +5 size lab)
Maffeo: first in queue for above ground- finished in winter, part of main building
Paphos: Temple 2 (1500 ft sq for +5 size, currently set up as a Workshop, but also ready to set up as Lab)

During set up you will need to define amount dedicated to lab and amount dedicated to Sanctum (if any).

currently available and ready for move in:
Temple 1 (presumably half, 1500 ft sq, for up to a +5 size. Come with Crematorium, Satue and Wall Decorations, adds +2 Ignem and +1 Warping)
Temple 2 (1750 ft sq avail, up to +5 size, comes with Wall Decorations adding +3 Creo Corpus)

Euthymios hasn't been on the board since May 21st, and disappeared without warning, essentially in the middle of the recruiting trip in the fall. It seems appropriate that the character simply disappeared in the middle of that same trip, so the question would be how long Frederick would wait for Temple 1, or if he simply has it by seniority.
Maffeos will be finished in the winter, assuming Paphos puts in a third season of building, which means he is pushing himself to get this accomplished.

I'm assuming that Talus can make his sanctum poke out from the Aura and take up non-prime real estate.

yes, or he can put his sanctum on the second floor and it won't affect the land usage.

While I would like to have been able to setup my (Tomas') lab in summer, I was studying medical text that season. I believe I have to dedicate two seasons to getting the lab fully functional. Those are winter and next spring.

The mobile labs can be installed into a laboratory space in 7 days.

Terra is claiming the top floor of one of the pyramids she conjured up. Its outside the aura, which makes it just perfect for experimentation.

You do realize that trades an automatic +10 to your lab total with a simple die roll (possibly up to +3) and risk of disaster?

Well, you get the safety to a level high enough to avoid disasters. The goal is to be able to perform research. The aura is 10 botch dice if you want to perform original research. Also the experimentation specialty is glorious.