[Pieces of Eight] 3 ships from 2 sets?

I read the post about making 2 ships of 9 coins for short demos, one ship from each set.
Considering that there are 26 coins in total, and adding to that the promo captian, would it be possible to make 3 competitive ships gathering all the coins from two different sets, in order to make demos of 3 players instead of just 2?
Would anyone be so kind to help me build these 3 ships, since I'm just entering the world of Pieces of Eight?


Making three 9-coin ships with two sets plus the promo Captain is mathematically possible, clearly. Making all three of them competitive with each other might be another thing entirely.

I'll think about that, and try to post some possibilities to this thread within the next few days.

(As an aside, perhaps the most balanced option would be to use the 27 coins to do a three-player draft. That ensures that each player has the same choices, and so is self-balancing, after a fashion. That wouldn't be a very good demo-style game for new players, though. Drafting before you're familiar with the coins would be frustrating.)

I thought the same. What I'll do in the meantime is to play with some friends pooling the coins, and try to get good ships from that experience, and use them in future demos.