[Pieces of Eight] A few questions

In trying to come up with something to defeat a Cannon/Pillage ship (see other tread), I have stumbled upon a few more questions:

  1. If I Broadsides a coin in the middle of my opponent's deck, do I get to see what I killed before it goes to his hold?

  2. Buried Treasure says to reveal the coins that you recover from your hold. Barrel of Grog and Call to Quarters do not. I assume this means that when I use them, I can keep my recovered coin a secret. Is this correct?

  3. If I have an active Mate and Pistols (or Cutlass), can I choose NOT to use the Mate combo, and therefore destroy my own Pistols (I may want to do this to reveal a Treachery beneath the Pistols that I want to immediatly use or if I have my Mate in the aft and I don't want to let my opponent know). Since the Pistol abillity says "or", I assume the acting player can choose which part of the abilty to use, as long as he meets the requirements.

Yes. I'll add this to the FAQ.

With Barrel of Grog, I've always played that you must announce the coin you're grogging for, but it doesn't actually say that anywhere in the rules, so I guess you don't have to. Nice little benefit. Same with Call to Quarters.

Yes, you can choose which of the two abilities to use, so you can allow the weapon coin to be destroyed if you want to.