[Pieces of eight] Pillage and Treachery

I started playing Po8 more oftenly and I have a few questions now:

Okay, please consider the following situation:
I have an active pillage in my fore and a treachery in my aft.
My opponent has treachery in his fore.
It´s my turn and I activate pillage to get the treachery coin which is in my opponents fore. He reacts with his treachery and tries to negate my pillage.
Then I react to his reaction with my treachery and my pillage goes through.
The problem is that the coin I wanted to steal is no more.
What happens now?
Do I get the destroyed treachery of my opponent? I don´t think so....
Or do I get the coin which is behind his treachery?
What happens if this coin is his captain?

Is it possible to steal the opponents captain through pillage to win the game?
I know that it is not possible to have two captains at the same time, but I could throw it into my hold the moment I get it.

Hi, T.Dorst! Welcome to the forum!

In your Pillage/Treachery sitaution, the end result is basically that your Pillage has no effect, because its target has ceased to exist by the time it resolves. The reason is that you are Pillaging your opponent's "fore Treachery," rather than his "fore [whatever happens to be there]." Since the fore Treachery is gone, the Pillage steals nothing, and then goes to your hold as normal. (Which means that you might as well save your aft Treachery, since it doesn't really help you.) (Also, don't think of the Pillage as having done nothing — it did manage to eliminate your opponent's Treachery, which is a powerful coin.)

To answer your second question, you can't Pillage an opponent's Captain when you already have a Captain, because then you'd have two Captains for at least a short period, which is not allowed. So it's not possible to win a game by Pillaging a Captain.

Thanks a lot.
Now I´m prepared for all high sea battles. :wink:
I will start supporting the game as SO tomorow.