[Pieces of Eight] Playtesting Open Call

Hi there! We're ready to do Round 2 playtesting of our new expansion for the Pieces of Eight coin game ... it's a set of 7 coins that introduce universal environment effects to the game. We're looking for new playtest groups to help us, who already their own sets of Pieces of Eight and have some play experience with the game. Ideally, you'd have at least three people available to playtest the game.

Your location doesn't matter, but you MUST have reliable internet access. (I'll email the playtest files, and you'll need to email back your comments and post feedback on the hidden playtesting forum.) The entire playtest group works under non-disclosure agreements, which means you can't talk about the game being playtested outside of your gaming group, and you (as the GM) are in charge of making sure these forms are signed and returned to Atlas. The GM is also in charge of organizing the playtest session, corresponding with me by email, assembling and keeping track of playtest materials and destroying them after playtesting, and writing up playtest comments for the group.

For your help, we provide the GM of your group with one free copy of the game you playtested, and we list the GM and all of his or her players in the credits of the product.

Please consider carefully before volunteering, though. I want groups that I can depend on. If you're still interested, please write me an email describing your qualifications and your gaming group. I need to know the following things, in particular:

*GM Name
*GM E-Mail
*GM Address (no PO Boxes)
*Number of people in your gaming group and their demographics
*Atlas Forums IDs for you and the people in your gaming group
*Any other experience you have that you think might make you and your group good playtesters

Really, describing your qualifications to me is a bit of a test in itself ... since you'll be writing up the playtest reports, this is a chance for me to see in advance how clearly you can express yourself.

We're hoping to send out playtest materials at the end of this month, and will need final comments before Thanksgiving ... you'd likely have at least three full weekends to try it out.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, let me know before next Friday, Oct 27th that you're interested in doing the playtest. Thanks for your help!