Pirate Queen Chapter 2 (summer 1221)

In the early summer a rumor is reported to the covenant of a treasure map which leads to a rather specific and familiar treasure, consisting of silver, gold, and gems. It is said to be guarded by the ghosts of three men buried with the treasure, and to have been buried by the Pirate Queen.

Little interest in this post so far. Garcin is interested in leading a group in pursuit; are there any magi available who aren't going to tribunal?

Vicente would be interested as well, maybe we could make this an all grog/companion adventure?

That would be fine, the first stop is Palermo, to locate the map. Lets get a roll call of all those involved.

I'm coming up short on grogs. Vicente, Bavol and Pepe are more or less permanently assigned to the ship and can go, but with Oderisi on the Roman expedition and Gustav in Normandy, that leaves just Garcin and Zoltan at home. I don't think Garcin would ever leave a single man to safeguard our home so he will regretfully pass on this caper.

Roll Call:
Vicente (JeanPatrick)
Bavol (KI)
Pepe (open)

I have the following grogs in my database:
Madaleen the clothier
Vincente the Pirate
Asha the scribe
Hakima bint Ghassan
Maggie Magdillin
Marcus the failed Monk
Oren the baker

Now the quest may not make sense for all of them, but that is a fairly extensive list to choose from...

Maybe we can start with the story and those who wish to join later on can play a grog from the list below or a crew member of the Pisces. I'll try to post something tomorrow,

Palermo, the city where Fredrick II has remained in residence since being crowned Holy Roman Emeror a year ago. The city is impressive from the sea, and well fortified, and has become a common port of call for the Pices in the last year. The docks, when you get in closer, are far less impressive and, as many docks do, stink of dead fish. The captain begins the routine of trading the commodities he has been hauling this trip while those seeking the map will need to head a bit further inland to the seaside taverns and shanties where the rumors of the pirate queens bounty originated.

As the Pisces is docked and sailors are busy unloading the cargo of olive oil that Matheus got or an outrageously low price in Athens, some of the selected crew will meet in the captain's cabin.

"Greetings to you all. Perhaps some of you have heard the rumor already. But for those who haven't, supposedly the Pirate Queen Circe has buried a treasure somewhere. Normally, I would not chase after such a foolish tale; who has really ever found a buried treasure? Must of time they are only rambling of drunkards. But this time, the treasure IS real. We buried it ourselves before that damned pirate was able to get her hand on it."

He pauses, gauging the reaction of each men:

"So far, we have been fortunate enough as to not cross her path again. Many in this room have suffered in horrible ways in her hideout. Many have died. Sailors should never discuss the itinerary of you ship in taverns and brothels because loose lips sink ships, as pirates or their agents are always listening, looking for easy preys. In this case, her carelessness could be our gain; if we can find this map, we could reclaim the treasure and avenge ourselves. That money could bring some comfort to the widows and orphans of your friends... and make ourselves rich beyond measure. But I warn you, if we do this, then we have to be prepared to go all the way. What do you say?"

Bavol will lead the group with a weighty "Aye, Captain!" Inward, he is worried. Treasure hunts usually end in heartbreak and every sailor in the Med is likely following the same rumors they are looking for.

Vincente smiles; as he had expected the crew would not want to have deal with the Pirate Queen again so soon.

"Listen up ! We are no magi, but we are no fools either. We can't see ghosts, but I've heard rumors of a boy that can back at the covenant. We will need him on that voyage. I suggest we try to get the blessing of the Church before we set sail. Finally, the Count surely want a cut of the treasure, as "taxes".... I wouldn't hurt to have another ship if we are to face the Pirate Queen at sea. I intend to meet with Carlo, he could probably arrange something."

One thing to remember, if this is Summer 1221, then Talus has crafted the Oar of Current Control for use by the Pisces.

[size=150]Oar of Current Control[/size]
ReAq 35
R: Sight, D: Conc., T: Ind.
A miniature wooden oar with runes carved on the paddle. The oar has a small hole drilled in the handle to hold a tiny vial of mercury. Allows the user to summon a steady current within sight range by speaking a command word.
(Base 4, +3M Sight, +1M Conc., +5 device maintains conc., +10 unlimited uses)