Plans/advice for November (Josephine of Merinita)

You do not have to stop you can keep on making updates throughout advent.

I like how quickly you are to give me more work...


It's not more work, it's more fun! It's just a question of attitude :slight_smile:

Edit: I'd not paid too much attention to the authorship of the post and thought that you were the one who'd be missing updating her

I made another plot-and-story post for Josephine, and I plan to make more additions now and again when I decide how to build her forwards.

I've also finally published her info on my site for record-keeping.


Now that I'm past that part of the 'plot'... Obviously I didn't want to destroy Josie because I had plans to turn her into a faerie familiar. Josephine, for her part, didn't want to kill Josie for sentimental value, because Josie represents her youthful indiscretion and wildness. Also, a lot of the trouble that Josie caused was not actually problems for Josephine, but instead trouble in her wake.


Yes. I loved that part, I really didn't expect it, and it was nice to see the situation be resolved in a non-confrontational way. We need more of this, IMO.

Didn't realize the part about josie having sentimental value to Josephine, this is a very nice and humanizing touch.

You really had plans and thought it all, didn't you? :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion - I need to add the Grand Grimoire of Hermetic Spells to my toolbox.. .

Well, I did have a few final goals in mind, yes.

I wanted to play with a faerie familiar, I wanted to have her not get into any deeper mysteries, and I wanted a notably imperfect mix of virtues - Muto affinity, the clothing Focus, her early social interest and then getting fed up with it.

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This, IMO, is important, and a worthy goal.

As players, we have a tendency to create optimised characters, often with a full assortment of virtues, and we tend to forget that life doesn't work that way (and that 10 points is the maximum).
=> When creating most NPCs, I stay behind the limits of 10 v/f, I try not to optimise them too, but the "imperfect mix" was a blind spot of mine. Thanks!

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Yeah, I find sub-optimal choices makes for more interesting characters and roleplaying. Limitations promote creativity.

Usually for NPCs (when I give them full stats) I stick to 8-9 V+F, unless they're into mystery cults.

Mm, maybe I should have Josephine approached by a cult.. or one of the Merinita subcults.


I am probably done posting new things for this Tribunal - without the drive of having to post LOTS of things, I'm enjoying being able to dedicate 2-3 seasons to a single task instead of feeling pushed to make 4 or 5 new spells every tribunal.

When I get a chance I'll do the math on the next +7 years.


Small update, I've got the plans for another Tribunal of Josephine sketched out, and added a few new spells and enchantments for her to play with.

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