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This thread is a hybrid OOC and covenant council discussion thread

So. This may be a good thing, or it may be an awful thing, but the current Count of Malta is a pirate.

It's good because he's going to be absent a lot, and not particularly care about the specifics of the island, as long as it brings in cash. He also seems to sometimes be in disagreement with his masters, so the island is probably slightly disorganized.

It's bad because he's a pirate and, one year after game start assuming it follows OTL, made admiral by Frederick II, one of the most powerful Holy Roman Emperors, who will be crowned in November of the starting year. Frederick, one might add, who spends most of his life in Sicily or on crusade.

If we annoy people, we are going to end up as a set of pretty, mage-shaped stains.

I would like to know where you found this information, I have been looking for more in depth information on the history of the area.

A bit all over the place, mostly by creative google searches. The French wiki page for Enrico Pescatore (the count of Malta at the time) has a modest bit of information, as does the Italian (though I don't speak any Italian, so that's less useful). Other than that, it's really mostly been googling said name and looking through the Google Books I found.

Sadly, most sources I could find (which isn't many, given that most seem to quite reasonably be in Italian) focus on his exploits as an admiral, less so than his interaction with Malta itself. That said, every little bit helps.

Interestingly he is described as being both a corsair and involved in internal strife in Sicily... though at least one source suggests his career as a Corsair only lasted until 1209... so absentee landlord seems an apt description.

dang, your google-fu is awesome! Here is the link to the italian page: ... rev=search

another good link in Italian, listing Enrico's actions by year/month ... nJJednWzJQ

I think Enrico is interesting but Frederick II is the one to look at as he will be in charge 1221 and beyond. And is quite powerful.

Fredrick II will be (following history) far too involved elsewhere to be bothered much with Malta. He is definitely quite interesting though...