Plasmatoris of Jerbiton

If the XP numbers and spells look good I'll conglomerate it in to s final sheet and add personality and similar. Is there anything else I'm missing?

Doublet of Impenetrable silk is beyond what you can invent- your max MuAn is 12 and doublet is level 15.

Magic Theory 3, Intelligence 2, Muto 7, Animal 0. Default Aura 3?

Yes, I hadn't adjusted the spreadsheet for the location your magic theory was in- my mistake.

This looks good.

Which year did he pass the gauntlet?

I originally decided 1182, but that was a pretty arbitrary decision. If your plans need it moved a bit for your background plot, let me know.

I simply didn't see it and was working through the hidden background.

Adding a few more short term goals:

Create a personal gallery and acquire art for it (Realia)

Create a gallery of his painting and sculpting

Befriend a mundane ally to acquire art for him (he doesn't intend of selling his own art, but gifting it to other Magi or important people is expected. He may start selling it.)

Create magical art tools.

Personality traits:
Manic +5
Analytical -1
Experimental +2

Adding specialties


Language: Venato 1 5 0 Merchant Slang
Area Lore: Venice 1 1 5 Markets
Awareness 1 2 15 Fine Details
Bargain 1 2 15 Art
Brawl 1 1 5 Dodge
Charm 1 2 15 Apologizing
Concentration 1 1 5 While creating art
Etiquette 1 2 15 Magi
Folk Ken 1 1 5 Magi
Swim 1 1 5 Calm water
Artes Liberales 1 2 15 Geometry
Latin 1 4 50 Hermetic Terms
Philosophiae 1 1 5 Moral Philosphy
Craft Painting 1 7 50 Religious Imagery
Craft Sculpting 1 5 30 Atheltic Forms
Magic Theory 1 3 30 Spell Design
Parma Magica 1 1 5 Corpus
Code of Hermes 1 1 5 Political Intrigue
Org Lore: Order of Hermes 1 1 5 Jerbiton

Style and description:

Plasmatoris of Jerbiton is a man of average height and slight build, looking more artist than explorer. Despite being a magus, he often finds excuses to get out in the sun, to sketch ideas, to paint and sculpt, or to drink and eat - when he is in the lab, he acts a hint of reckless ambition. Normally, he has long shoulder-length hair and skin lightly tanned - but usually his hair is a mess of tangle, streaks of paint caught in it, clay under his nails and the marks of his work all over his skin and clothing. He tends to wear fine light clothing, protected by a ragged blue robe or smock when working. He does have quite a collection of fine clothing accumulated for special occaisions, but he detests wearing them.

When dealing with the covenfolk, or anyone not officially Hermetic, he goes by the name Mafeo, used as well for his artistic and scholarly endeavors. He refuses to tell anyone his family name. He has been trained in the basics of charm and etiquette, but his distracted nature means he often misses important things such as getting out of his work clothing before meeting visitors. He gave up on perfecting the social graces when it became clear to him how his Gift hindered most of his personal meetings.

The game has begun, everyone else has posted in awakening...

From investigation:

Plasmatorius explores his lab- and discovers it has 8 levels of refinement, seems a bit above normal in terms of general quality (+1) and is very impressive (aesthetics 11). As might be expected it focuses heavily on imaginem (+9), with safety being a significant consideration (+5), though it looks like it might cost a small fortune to maintain (upkeep +4), beyond that it will be of benefit for experimentation(+2) and teaching (+2), while the surrounding landscape gives a benefit(+1) to perdo. Your lab notes suggest you were working on spells to improve the aesthetics of artwork, trying to merge art and magic, though it looks like the furthest you got was a spell to modify a piece of art after it was completed, which trades a bit of its natural beauty for a-hopefully larger share of magical beauty based on finesse.

As we are currently in our Autumn moving into winter, Plasmatoris is definitely getting more and more restless, and has been planning to move ahead with his long-awaited art. He has been spending a lot of his restless free time using his talisman to touch up and modify

So, math. Plasmatoris has a base AQ of Dex + Craft + Free Expression. 3+7+3 = 13. Since his topic is an inspiration-based one, and not founded on Artes, he doesn't get to add that. because of the Aesthetic Quality, it takes 2 seasons for him to actually complete it, and he can take 2 additional seasons to make it AQ14.
Oh, and he can bleed for his art. He could Life-linked Art a heavy wound to get a 19, which is definitely the sort of thing he would do.

Since this is my first artist, did I get my math right?

Yes, except that you forgot some bonuses to your AQ- to begin with having a minor muse adds +1, plus the option of using life linked art to push yourself more by sustaining an injury. You can also add 1/3 of your artes liberales ability, rounding up, for an additional +1. As such you would have 3+7+3+1+1=15 base without an injury, with a +1, +3 or +6 for a wound and an extra +1 for taking two more seasons, so depending on your approach you could be anywhere from AQ:15 to AQ:22.

Ah-ah. I wasn't aware I had a minor muse. Is that my familiar, the butterfly?

I had tracked the Life Linked Art option, though the Artes Liberales bonus is stated as requiring the art to draw upon the knowledge of Artes, and the Awakening scene didn't feel like it fit that.

Amusingly enough, wounding myself and then taking extra/double time would put me up around 21, which changes the time it takes to make the painting from two seasons into six seasons.

Your muse is the fairy who hangs out in your art studio instead of the lab.

Excellent to know. Plasmatoris definitely needs to spend some time dealing with both the butterfly and the muse.

For my notes: Plasma should be at Confidence points 2 now, after our spirit adventure.