play methods

This is a general discussion about some general methodologies and expectations for play.
I expect this to be a very long period saga, potentially covering over a century. Initially I expect adventures will be close together, eventually I would expect them to become less frequent (game calendar) as people spend more seasons in study and fewer adventuring.
Methodology- I will establish other threads for people to post any plans their characters have that might require stories, or for any external events that anyone might want to incur for a potential story. Characters may be in multiple adventures per season, and more than one adventure may be run at a time. However nobody may have more than one character "slot" (Magus, Companion, or group of grogs) in a given adventure, and no character can be in more than one story at the same time. Even though individual players will make grogs, they will be community property when it comes to playing them.
The game will begin in January of 1223 (technically still winter of 1222, with one month remaining). Anyone who has not participated in an adventure in a season will have another thread to indicate what they will be doing for development that season.

So does participation in an adventure rule out lab work?

There may be adventures that only take a week of game time.

No, you can still participate in lab work, but you can only take one source of experience, though you can stack multiple adventures in a season. Of course, too many adventures and you might not have time for lab work...

Each adventure will consist of at minimum 2 players and a storyteller, each player may play either 1 magus, 1 companion, or multiple grogs per adventure.

The fact everyone is currently dependent on 1 ship of course limits the availability of adventures, but what I would like to get to eventually is where 4-6 adventures can be run at a time, each with an average of 1 magus, 1 companion, and one player running the grogs. This way if someone has to disappear for a while there will be games they are not in which can continue. Of course there can be games with different character distributions, but I think keeping close to this model will keep the overall game moving fairly well...

I agree with your method. I think there may be a little pause for me as christmas is coming soon. Probably 24-25-26 :slight_smile: