Player Application Guidelines - Read Me First

Read Me First!

Prior to submitting a Player Application please familiarize yourself with the following.

1: Ensure you have read the game premise to be found here:

2: Familiarize yourself with the Covenant, its location, and other setting fundamentals to be found here:

3: Be aware if you are not familiar with the Hibernia Tribunal book that there are significant differences in the Peripheral Code and in Hermetic Culture in general in the Tribunal. You are strongly advised to read the setting for yourself to be well prepared and familiar with all relevant differences.

4: Be advised that we as a team have intrinsically a more Sandbox as opposed to Narrative approach to RPGs. This means we will be striving to present realistic and interesting options and verisimilitude to players but not to direct narrative arcs in the manner which many people are currently accustomed. This requires a good deal more proactivity and self direction on the part of players as a play style.

If you are less familiar with Sandbox as an RPG playstyle I recommend reading this:

5: This game is aimed at traditional Ars Magica Troupe style play and to that end each player will be expected to participate/facilitate with the playing of additional Companion and/or Grog tier characters. Each player will only be allowed one Magus or Mythic Companion tier character.

6: We as a team believe strongly in the collaborative nature of Ars Magica. Players are encouraged to participate in world-building along any line that interests them. New material can be submitted to the Alpha Storyguide for adjudication and inclusion in the Saga. Significant contributions to the Covenant, Setting, or otherwise significant materials incorporated into the shared space of the Saga will be rewarded.

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Player Applications

Complete the below questions and submit them via private message to @Vortigern (ASG) and @Nithyn (BSG).

Application Questions

We're asking for a lot, we know, but Ars is truly at its best when it's a collaborative effort, and with that in mind, here's your first chance to have some influence on the Covenant and the Tribunal as a whole. So use this opportunity both to help us world build and to showcase the kinds of stories you like to tell, to play in, and see happening in Ars Magica.

You are encouraged to take your time, bring your best ideas and writing to the fore, and provide more fleshed out / developed concepts as answers to each question. These (and not any potential character build) will be the primary basis upon which your application will be judged as a potential Troupe Member.

None of these questions is aimed at getting a mechanical build regarding anything. We are far more interested in seeing what kind of ideas and story/writing ability you have, and thus how well you will fit into a strong Troupe for the game to come.

Thank you for being interested in our Saga and for playing Ars Magica, one of our favorite games.

1: Are you amenable to running stories on occasion as a Beta-Storyguide? Preference will be given to those willing to contribute to the overall administration of the game by running additional stories. Preference does not equal a requirement.

1a: If so, what kind of stories are you most interested in helping tell?

2: What kind of stories are you most interested in playing?

3: What is your concept, and why does it interest you?

4: What's a plot hook (or two or three!) involving the Tribunal that you'd like to see come into play?

5: How about for the covenant?

6: How about for your mage?

7: What's something interesting about the covenant? And yes, you have free reign here to just make something up. Help us flesh it out a bit and give it character!

8: Help flesh out an interesting grog (or two or three!)

9: What's a companion character that you think would be fun to play for another mage?

10: Are there any house rules that you've seen in other Sagas that you would like us to consider?