Player Characters

Please post all your characters here in whatever format is convenient for you (Excel sheet, pdf, or just a regular post). You have permission to edit your own posts, so please try to keep your character updated whenever possible.

The following characters have been approved so far (in no particular order). I'll provide a character name since some of you have contacted me via email, discord or forums, and the usernames aren't always the same. I'll also provide a brief description so people can adjust and plan accordingly. The purpose of this list isn't to distill any character into a sound byte, but rather to provide a quick overview of characters, so that those still creating their own characters know what's already there, and can avoid stepping on anyone's toes. Feel free to correct me if I misunderstood your concept.

Marcella Ex Flambeau: Sword-wielding, lecherous, excitable, faerie-blooded spitfire with a piercing gaze, a heavy emphasis on Ignem and the temper to match.

Aureliana Ex Miscellanea: Faerie-blooded archeologist and explorer, driven by an insatiable need to discover old and forgotten secrets of magic. Well-spoken, ambitious and compassionate, there's nothing that doesn't excite her curiosity, and she has equal mastery of every Art at her disposal.

Sceparnius Ex Bonisagus: This brooding, secretive nature-lover has an unusual talent for Rego, Herbam and Terram, and a loathing for civilization to match. While some might say he's paranoid, just because someone's paranoid doesn't mean they're wrong.

Jadranka Ex Verditius: A gifted mathematician and numerologist, heavily invested in the exploration of the underlying nature of magic. Lots of Intellego and a flair for Vim.

Oktavia von Verditius: An articulate, well-educated young mother with an extremely dark and terrible past. A capable jeweler with a penchant for enchantment and a talent for summoning magic. Deeply invested in Rego and Vim.

Dair Ex Merinita: An optimistic sailor with a heritage dating back to the Atlanteans and the tremendous talent for Aquam so common to his ancestors.

Osbertus Ex Bonisagus: A cheerful, yet conniving young magus with a background rich in politics and intrigue, his life steeped in deception and conspiracy. Despite this respectable magus with a versatile repertoire of magical skills.

Update: This will be the player list for the time being. If your character isn't on the list, it may simply be that someone asked before you and I promised I'd go by whoever asked first (so long as they and their character is compatible with the game and group). Also, players tend to drop out early on during these online games, so if you're not in yet, feel free to stick around, because if someone drops out, we may need another player.

The first post will be up later today.