Player Characters

Post the characters Physical Descriptions, Known Reputations, and quick overview here.
You may post as much as you like. Some games post the entire sheet; up to you.

This is also the thread where you will record the character's advancement.


Name: Caladryan
Appearance: Well Built and athletic, with finely chiselled Elf Like Features. Long Blonde Hair in Pony tail and piercing blue eyes
Demeanor: Plays well within a co-ordinated team. Dislikes disorganisation and lack of structure.
Reputations: TBA
Advancement: TBA

Name Daria de Angelis
Female Age 29
Height 5'9"
Weight 65kg
Build Athletic
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Skin Fair
Appearance - Attractive, Lean and Athletic.
Wearing - Black Heavy Leathers, a cloak and hat.
Demeanour - Feminine and softly spoken.