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I was going by what was on silveroak's spreadsheet. Perhaps that was showing what Tartessos' future lab would be ...

I believe I was under the impression that it would be done in the fall.

I've added a link to the time use chart which should help coordinate activities and plans.

Do you want us to fill that out, or do you want to handle?

I would like you to fill it out, according to what your plans and activities are.

updated. Since no one else was handling Patrice, Bavol, Paola, Pepe and Oderisi I added in duties and advancement for them. If anyone prefers they do anything else, sound off!

I updated the map of Malta on the wiki so that it reflects what's important to the saga. Please take a look at it and: (a) let me know if everything is where it should be; and (b) whether I've missed anything important.

[strike]regarding the church- do you have a reference for that? I cannot find anything about churches in Malta prior to the 15th century, though those sources document churches already standing. given that the island was occupied by Muslims in the 12th century, and there are other churches with similar names, I would like to see more of the first hand information about this church...[/strike]
never mind, found the reference