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Activity Planner, please fill out for all characters ... li=1#gid=0

Awesome Wiki site by Trogdor*

Domus Aureus Library spreadsheet, organized by category ... .xlsx?dl=0

List of magical items at Domus Aureus ... .xlsx?dl=0

Penko's blueprints for Domus Aureus: ... .pptx?dl=0
They are not really to scale. Domus Aureus has a 44,000ish ft sq footprint, and is divided roughly into quarters. The Grand Hallway, Hospital, Covenant proper, and Mage's rooms each take approximately 11,000 ft sq each. This means while I show three lab/sanctum combos, there are actually room for twelve rooms of this size (approx 1500 ft sq), meaning six lab/sanctum combos, or a greater number of other rooms. The Mage's Quarter is inside the aura, and I will likely move the library and council chambers into that area as well.

Language reference chart: ... .xlsx?dl=0

Adventure Tracker - who participated in the adventure (no longer tracks xp) ... .xlsx?dl=0

Experience Trackers: Each category (magi, familiars, companions and grogs) now have their own file. First tab is a seasonal summary, then each character has a tab to track seasonal xp, adjusted by virtues, where they put it, confidence gained/used, and grog assignments.
Magi: ... .xlsx?dl=0
Familiars: ... .xlsx?dl=0
Companions: ... .xlsx?dl=0
Fighting Grogs: ... .xlsx?dl=0
Craftsmen/Specialists: ... .xlsx?dl=0
Serving Grogs: ... .xlsx?dl=0

Hermetic Seniority (post-guantlet years): (I eyeballed this off your sheets, let me know if I'm wrong)
Talus: 25
Antonius: 23
Tartessos: 22
Terra: 20
Tomas: 19
Frederic: 17
Euthymios: 9
Maffeo: 1

time use chart

This is an interactive map of Malta I stumbled across looking for the water table - you can toggle all kinds of cool stuff on the map, probably more useful for Silveroak than players. ... view=true#

Magi tracker updated with Tartessos, Fighting Grogs updated for Pepe, Oderisi, serving grogs for Paola and Mary Magdilin, specialist updated for Atlas (for lack of any better category to put it)
Familiars updated. Vita and Pallas added
also added a library spreadsheet at the top

Awesomesauce! Great job :smiley:
Hmm, I am the baby of this covenant...Maffeo has 5 Italian btw

Anyone who doesn't actually participate on an adventure is not considered to have been part of it. Minimal exposure on an adventure still counts.
Julia, Cheech, and other magical beings get experience as normal ( I need to go back and make sure I awarded confidence appropriately for them...), then subtract their might from the seasonal advancement.

A note here: you cannot have an active duty status with a source above 2 (exposure)
also some sheets seem to be missing... can anyone edit these spreadsheets?

I'll probably be dropping the "active duty" status anyways; I'm not sure how exactly the on duty all year works with two seasons of service anyways.

Anyone can DL them, edit and UL them, but then the new link would need to be posted. It might be easier to let me do it. What is missing? I haven't updated them in a week or two and they might be due to add new characters.

Tartesso has a summary but no sheet
Oderisi the fat has no sheet
Paola the wench has no sheet'
Pepe has no sheet

[tab][/tab]Those last three grogs have yet to be recruited/found. The two males are guards so low priority there :S

Okay, so in what little free time I have, I've been working up a wiki site for the game. I've had trouble finding things floating around the forum, so I wanted things compiled where I could find them in an easy manner. I figured that some of you might find it useful too, so I ought to share it. Of course it's still a-work-in-progress, so it might not be ready for Prime Time. But I figured it was time to let everyone else see it.

Here is the wiki site.

I compiled the information as best I could, but some may not be entirely accurate. So, please let me know what errors you can find.

I can also bring any of you in as a member of the wiki site to allow you to edit the pages as well, if you want.

As I said, I made the wiki mostly for my own reference so I can keep things straight. If people would rather stick to the forums, I totally understand. But the wiki will be there as an alternative for any who care to reference it.

Thanks Trogdor. The wiki seems very useful to me. I find myself frequently hunting through the forum for information. I will look at the content for errors.

I hope you don't find too many. (I'm not so proud that I think you'll find none. :wink: )

I notice that the skills came out in a nice table on Henri, but not on most of the other characters. Anything I can do to help you get the rest more readable?

I hand-formatted the grogs and companions, but I didn't have time to do the magi. You can either sign up for the site and format them yourself, or wait and I'm sure I'll find the time to do it. I've got it down to a science now and can do it quickly.

Okay, I did Tomas.


Thanks. There was no rush, once I understood that it was a transition issue.

I'm not certain if I have requested to join correctly- the document references a button that is not in evidence...

Hmm. It's possible that I inadvertently removed the button. Let me see what I can do.

Apparently, in order to let people apply you have to click a box on one of the security menus. They don't go out of their way to make that clear.

In any case, the box is checked and the Join button should appear now.

Awesome site! I signed up an applied.

Holy smoke ! We have a wiki ! Thanks Trogdor !

One thing I noticed is that Tartessos' lab is showing an upkeep of +2, but he is currently using a mobile right now. His proposed lab is awaiting a spare moment from Antonius and Talus as well as publishing the Sub Rosa article so we can see the rules we are trying to fumble our way through. He might set it up in Spring.