playing Atlas Games games online


i have developed a website, that makes possible to play any kind of pen&paper tabletop roleplaying games online like it was originally meant to be played, like it was possible never before. equipped with a Java voip webphone (a web based internet softphone) running right on the page that requires no installation at all, and is completely browser and OS independent (x86), you can play through speaking, almost like you were sitting together with your friends (or new players) and all this the easiest way ever.

i think it could help a lot of people to play for example Ars Magica online and would be useful. i would like to know if you are interested in it, and whether i'm allowed to post the link of it here.

thanks, stargazer

Hi there. Sounds like you've worked hard to put this together. We don't have an explicit policy against posting links to things that are of interest to our forum members, as long as it's not just spam.

Dear Michelle,

thanks. i was really working a lot on it and its born is a dream came true.

the thing is that i'm much more aware since i was banned from some other forums without a warning. i don't really understand why, or what exactly is labeled as spam, but i didn't mean to harm anybody, or anybody's business with my site. moreover i think it is quite the opposite.
but really, what the hell should i talk about in a topic about playing pen&paper roleplaying games online, if not possibilities? others have also mentioned applications, why is it a problem if a solution i mention happens to be mine? nevermind.

it would be the top of everything if a publisher like you would use the site to propagate his games and developers were GMing adventures. i could talk much more about my mission but if you are interested, maybe it's better if you read the about section on my site.

so then, the site is the language selectors in the upper right corner of the page act like a filter between games for different language players. a minimum of 1024x.... resolution is required to view the site properly.

if you have any suggestions, questions or problems, please feel free to contact me. i hope you will like it and suggest for players to use it.

hey, i just saw this: very good direction! maybe it's worth thinking about it in connection with my site...

regards, stargazer