Playing style Feedback

With chapter 1 mostly over, I thought this might be a good moment for you to give me a feedback on playing styles so we can play the saga in a way that makes everyone happy (lofty goal...).
I 've made a mental note concerning jebricks comments on the fighting system. I considered this little chapter a rather aggressive one, but I wanted to have everything from chance meetings to dialogs and fights and so on

My (incomplete) list of suggestions is:

  1. in character / out of character - one thread or two threads?
  2. posting speed?
  3. group size: more magi to take aboard? (We will have labs around March 2010 (at current speed), where characters can be parked if someone needs a break?
  4. danger level?
  5. storyguide involvement? Too much guided/too little?
  6. Private Messages to convey information about knowledge/perceptions?
  7. text quality?
  8. rules?
  9. things I forgot

Please consider two things when answering this post:
If you dislike something - suggest improvements (pure criticism is destructive)
Don't forget the game - it would be a shame if we got suck on a plane of meta-gaming!

i think we're off to a very good start. I liked how each of the char had his chance to shine and use his special abilities to help the troupe.

I pretty much agree with Gozer in all points.
I like the tempo of our story and having more players might slow us down.
I wanted to say that a separate ooc-thread for every chapter seems excessive. But then i see other (older) sagas with a single ooc-thread 60 pages long or more and i dont think thats the way to go either. But definitely splitting ic and ooc.

Keep up the good work! It is appreciated.

Since zlofik is taking a rather quiet approach (though he is still there), I've been thinking about recruiting one more player/magus.

  • should I insist on an experienced player?
  • anything I should pay attention to?
  • any vetoes?

I am a bit hesitant about recruiting another player. I prefer a small player base that will allow us to explore the characters deeply.
I like zlofik character’s concept, and wishes he would post more. His character does seem a bit introverted so I can understand his silence so far.

Just my opinion.

If you insist on recruiting, I would emphasis a character that mashes with the current cast -specifically, someone with a different ‘shtick’ then the rest of us. Also, I prefer to wait until we actually found the covenant (or until we reach the point where we try to gather support at the tribunal)

Dont wanna fade out like Gozer although i waited far to long before posting this:

I dont think that play-by-mail or forum is the right thing for me. This was the first saga i was able to play in (not counting 2 other sagas which did not go further then character creation) and im not content with the speed of things moving. While i wish more things were happening i gotta admit i would then not have enough time to post at that speed. A dilemma.

So thanks for giving me this opportunity to try out online play but i dont think i wanna keep on playing.

thanks for leaving a note

sorry for going MIA. I was in the process of changing jobs ( resumes, interviewing, ect) and then took some vacation. I'll be back on track this week.

I am thinking about recruiting another one or two players - you get veto rights on their characters - or you can say two is enough. I'll give you some time for protesting before officially asking around.

I would not mind recruiting another player or two. I am enjoying the game and would like to see it continue.

The pace is a bit slow at the moment, but you gave us warning about that JM, and I am quite willing to hang in there. (I am actually grateful for the lull at the moment.)

By the way, Jebrick, Carolinus has started thinking of Honorus as a loose cannon when it comes to dealing with mundanes. I think I am going to enjoy playing with the contrast between our characters.

He has only seen him with what his House perceives as infernal cultists. I think you may adjust your view. Or not after Honorus kills all of the cultists in the name of the Order. :smiling_imp:

I'm back after a long absence, and really sorry that I haven't posted or given you a heads up.
I would be very happy to rejoin the saga now that I gotten used to the new routine (I'm a daddy now, of the most beautiful baby girl).
Let me know if you have any objections to my return – I realize it has been a while.

I have none.

Is there still agame?

Jean, did we get any confidence points as rewards for the previous chapters? Arturous is beginning to run out…

It ended with an unfinished feel. Not much confidence to be won there.