Playing with multiple groups

I had an idea for a way to run a campaign. Have anyone tried coordinating multiple groups in Ars? For example, two covenants not far from each other are played by two groups. The storyguides for these two groups make sure time passes in the same speed (the groups are on the same season in the year). If this could be coordinated, one could open up for alot of interesting possibilities, possibly intrigue, trade, communication and even conflict between these groups.
I think Ars Magica is one of the few roleplaying games where this might work. Any thoughts?


I've done this with other games...I works okay, but it puts a lot of burden on the SG. If you have every been involved in a multi round tourney, when there are multiple tables at which everyone is playing the same scenario, you would get a feel for what happens. Each group is playing the same thing...but one group finishes an hour before the a four hour slot.
Even though you won't be running the same scenario with each group, you will be running in that same four hour slot. Every time you play you will be fighting against time. Group A gets through the season real quick. They did this in two hours...Group B spends five hours getting through the season. What is group A going to do now?
Then of course you have your interaction. Someone from group A goes over to group B to trade Vis. Are you going to make him wait until group B plays again? Are you going to run their characters yourself? Of course you could include an NPC in each group to take care of these situations, but then you won't really be interacting. Of course there is then the timing of interaction:
Example: A ship wrecks on the local shoreline. Its close enough to the middle of the said groups. Both groups are interested in looking it over.
Who is going to get there first? Group A plays today, but group B plays next week...does group A get there and plunder, or do you force then to stop half way through? OOOPs, now group B shows up. Well, I guess we all get together next week to see what happens when the two groups meet...
Been there done that...its very tough to do. Its a LOT of fun if you can pull it off though..

What I was really thinking was two groups, separate locations and play times. The SGs agree on how many seasons will be played, and letters may be written to the other groups, in character, of course. Regular play, but the groups exists in the same campaign, so to speak. :slight_smile:


Well, that would work okay, but if you don't get to really interact, all you have is a bunch of other people playing the part of NPC's
I still think you would have Time problems. EVEN if you and I agree to run our groups until..say Fall, it would be a problem. My group gets through their Spring and Summer activities in half an hour or so...Your group winds up roleplaying out the Spring Redcap visit. My group spent a half an hour, your group spent six hours. What does my group do for five plus hours?