Please help me sort my cutdown files

When we were writing Transylvania, some material had to be cut out. This happens on most books. I pop the cut material in a folder called "cutdown" and these items become magazine articles or blog posts.

My problem is that my cutdown file seems to have some material that's live in it, and I've read and reread the book so often I'm not sure what's in there in the final iteration.

Can anyone tell me if the book contains:

  • A hedge tradition called the Divisible Men
  • statistics for Rűbezhal? Alternatively, did I publish him as a Sub Rosa piece in Beyond the Fields We Know?
  • A really long and detailed chronology of the Hungary royal family.

I noted the lack of Divisible Men in the final draft and don't recall anything especially detailed about the Hungarian Royals, but shall check my books immediately...

Edit: No creature by the name of Rűbezhal is listed in AtD (at least by that name) and the section on the Hungarian family seems fairly lean though there's quite a bit on the region's nobility in general...

Rűbezhal is in Sub Rosa, yup.


Thanks guys.

It's actually spelled "Rübezahl" if that helps anything. :wink: