Please Read! (counting active members)

Are You an Active Member?

  • Yes - I post and everything!
  • Yes - but I only lurk, reading behind my computer screen
  • No - I am not here.

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I'm wondering how many active members are there on these boards. Please answer the poll, to satisfy my burning curiosity!

Thanks :slight_smile:

In terms of survey, I'm not exactly sure what this is going to teach us. The question sort of assumes that everyone that reads it will answer it. The lurkers may or may not answer it and the "I'm not here crowd" are not going to answer it. These points are going to skew the answers towards option 1 I suspect. We may also not have a large enough sample group.

Its a good idea, I just skeptical concerning the results this poll will produce. My years in Socilogical and Psychological statistics are almost showing! Sorry. :wink:

There are active members of this community and actively active members ...

I'm the former rather than the latter. I have posted a lot in the past, but now I'd be considered a lurker (until the next time I have time to spam loads of spells :wink: )

You might get more of the info you want on active members by researching throughthe member list.

A better structure for your poll might have been:

  1. I check here frequently and I post frequently
  2. I check here frequently and I occasionally post
  3. I check here frequently, but I never post (apart from answering this poll)
  4. I check here occasionally and I occasionally post
  5. I check here occasionally, but never post (apart from answering this poll)

In which case I would be option 2) ... :smiley:

Yes, psychologist here too .. sorry!

Sheesh all you psychologists. I'm a physicist, I'm only interested in orders of magnitude. Anything below that is a matter for engineers. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I just want a ballpark figure. I certainly don't expect many "I'm not here" answers :laughing:

468 listed members.

That's nice. Now, how many of them are active? And how many active on this subforum?

It is very tempting to click "No - I'm not here" just to let the logic ripples spread out... (think about it...)

How many are active? Who knows??? The problem is those that won't answer. I can name at least three that I know of that won't answer...they lurk and learn...
If you really want to figure out who is ACTIVE, read through the last month of posts...count the names...

I'm almost tempted in response to the question wether I'm a active member, and in the spirit of the Monty Pythons ("We're all Individuals"-answer: "I'M NOT"), to shout:
[size=150]NO![/size] :laughing:

Doing internet surveys is triiiicky business.

But this forum seems alive 'n' kicking, so I guess where doing allright.

(Who's not a psychologist - but did have to haul my ass through statistics studying Political Science..... ewww.. won't miss it :open_mouth: )

I am not here, I did not post this, You did not see me. :slight_smile:


DID TOO! :stuck_out_tongue:

I, on the other hand, am a strict lurker. Yessir. I just lurk. I never ever post.

"You did not see me on this Forum!"
PeMe 50
Base 10,
Duration: Year +4
Target: Spectacle (HoH:MC) +4

Damn! I would really have like to have heard my sodales take on this little trinket of a spell - but obviously, if it works they won't be able to...

Hmmmm... back to the laboratory to adjust it...

Does [color=red]Abe count as an active member?
Despite his clear inability to master the free download of the 4th Ed Rules.

At 107 posts (1.71% of total / 0.44 posts per day), I think so.

I post, but rather irregularly -- does that make me active or not?

I would consider Abe an ictive moobbender.