Please sell more stuff

Can you guys at Atlas please consider offering the Archetype tokens for sale as a downloadable pdf at either here or Drive Thru RPG for us who didn't get them through the kickstarter? If you don't want to sell the pdf, I'llbuy the actual token sheet off of you all if you still have some you'd be willing to sell.

I could easily make my own but I'd love to give you guys more money. :slight_smile:


Yes! I second this idea. I missed the Kickstarter and would pay money for tokens. :slight_smile:

Going to add to this, I'm keen to see more sourcebooks - cool settings, new junctures, a few archetypes and so on. I've bought everything so far.

My thing is I am asking for things that have already been produced, at least digitally. So offering the tokens would cost them nothing to produce, at all. Just throw the pdfs up on drive thru rpg, charge whatever & call it good. I'm not asking for anything free - I want to give Atlas money for something they made.

The only reason I can think of for why they don't want to do this is because they want the kickstarter backers to feel they got a premium 'KS backer only' exclusive with the tokens, hence not offering them now to anyone else.


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