Pledged Agent - Seal of the Wheel

I've spotted a mistake with the Pledged Agent in SotW thanks going through the mighty Dragons Heirs pdf. It says you can choose 1 gun schtick and 1 fu (as an option) but you can only have MA or Guns. Anyone know if this is just a mistake and you are meant to have both? (Just as some folk in here really seem to know their errata)

It isn't an error as far as I know.

Pledged Agent can have schtick wise:
2 Gun
2 Fu
1 Fu and 1 Gun

The agent can have MA or Guns at +5 (10) [Max 13]

The 1 Fu and 1 gun may seem a little strange at first if you go with the Guns skill choice, but the agent could chose a Fu power that isn't exclusively for hand to hand combat.

Examples: Friend of Darkness (FS pg. 78) - Now you can shoot in low light and in total darknes with out having to use those night vision googles.
Wilow Step: Increase your Dodge by 2 for the duration of the shot.

If playing a Pledged Agent and taking any Fu schticks in the creation process rember to put some of the 5 points you have to divide among your primary attributes into Chi.

Yeah you're quite right of course.

Dammit these forums are getting quiet. It's like there hasn't been a Feng Shui release in 5 years or so...oh wait...sob.

Keep pushing those newly released pdf's to your mates peeps, in the hope that them selling well will see a new source book or edition one day. :stuck_out_tongue: