Podcast / audio media question.

So, I've found that while I really enjoy reading stuff about ars magica ( be it books, theorycrafting about spells or history, redcap wiki) I would love to have something to hear.
I have heard all of the ars arcanum episodes ( 20 i believe?) And have heard some episodes of Games from Folktales but I don't know that they are quite what i enjoy ( I love some of the episodes, but I have found that some of them are basically a small audiobook, which is not what I am looking for)

Do you guys have any advice for me? Any other ars podcasts? Maybe a way to find what Games from Folktales episodes I would enjoy?

I use youtube to follow Timothy Ferguson, and there he has sorted the podcasts into playlists. I'm afraid that is the best that I can suggest.

I looked for other ArM audio things before the Covid hit, so I'd have something interesting to listen to at the gym, but I don't remember finding much more.

Thats actually really nice! Thanks. For some reason I didn't expect his youtube to be organized in themes since his site isn't ( or if it is I couldn't find where), but well, it's good that I was wrong on that.

It needs updating (sigh)

Basically, yes, I can add a taxonomy to the blog. It just needs to make it to the top of the "to do" list.

Which bits do you like? I might be able to pick out some for you.

The YouTube list was created later than the blog, so I could just drag and drop episodes

Hey, no worries man the youtube playlist the other guy recommended is really useful.

I'm not really certain on how to describe, but I was searching for stuff to learn some lore on Mythic Europe ( basically some of your first episodes), and some advice on how to run the game ( not necessarily mechanically), although it may be the case that I ended up burning through all the episodes I enjoy, which would certainly be sad to say the least.

(Also, if there is any way I can help you to classify the episodes, I'd be glad to do what I can.)

Well, I need to decide on the categories in the taxonomy. Suggestions welcome

I just reworked the Youtube lists.

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