Podcast monster help

Gang, I'm feeling a bit crispy on the podcast, and I need some help.

Can anyone remind me where we hid the octopus stats? I know one of us wrote an octopus! Or, like, a water elemental which was basically an octopus? Where did we hide the kraken, guys? Three of the monsters in my "to be statted up" pile are basically octopuses.

Also, I know we have a ferret in here somewhere. Where is it?

Octopus is a variant listed in the insert Template: A Fish in Mythic Locations, page 58.

Lords of Men has stats for a Squirrel on page 45, but not a Ferret.

Lands of the Nile has the mongoose on p.21

*edit: there’s a Devilfish in Sub Rosa 18, p 115.

Ah, thank you both. This is exactly what I needed.

I was remembering the octopus statistics in Mythic Seas, but these are a better fit for the new edition. Also, a mongoose is a great model for a ferret. With these I'll be able to knock 5 items off my to do list in quick order. 8)

I am so glad this thread popped up. I've got an idea for a Bjornaer with Atlantean Magic that has an octopus as his heartbeast. Take Quiet Magic x 2 and Subtle Magic to cast spells underwater as an octopus and then find some way to have a purely underwater lab.

A purely underwater lab is straightforward - just take outdoors and underwater, your lab consists of items placed on the seabed in the same way that a forest mage might leave their work exposed to the elements or the ones in Covenants putting their lab equipment outside a pyramid.

I am intrigued by what stories Timothy is telling that require these creatures.

Oh, these are for my podcast. I've not written up the statistics for Srendi Vashtar or the octopoid form of Dolores, the Infernal Saint of Pain, and her minions, the Sinburnian octopodes. She's my origin point for the Corruption of House Tytalus.