POLL: Latest, Featured, or Top Topics on Homepage?

Another poll! Topics are back on the front page of the forum by popular vote, but I have the choice of setting these to be the latest topics, the featured topics, or the top topics. Which would you prefer?

  • I want Latest topics
  • I want Featured topics
  • I want Top topics

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I'm not sure I even know which topics are "featured". How are those chosen?

I mostly go directly to the Ars Magica forum via browser bookmark, so if I'm hitting the front page I only want to see topics that are interesting and relevant. Merely being recent doesn't grab me if it's in a sub-forum I'm not currently following.

Good question. What I can find on a Google search:

Featured topics are the last X# of topics with latest replies, where the admin picks the number. It will also show pinned topics that haven’t been unpinned (manually or automatically through reading).

Not sure this is particularly helpful, but there you go.

that grey area + what bitter geek said.
So I cannot vote. :smiley:

Latest topic wins! So we stay with those on our front page. Thanks for your input, everyone!

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