Poll: Saga Length (in-game years)

Saga Length -- in-game years

  • Less than 5
  • 5 to almost 10
  • 10 to almost 15
  • 15 to almost 30
  • 30 to almost 45
  • 45 to almost 90

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Hey folks.

A number of private conversations and a couple recent posts led me to believe most sagas seem to run somewhere in the realm of 10-20 year range (in-game years, obviously) but the sample is pretty distorted. SO, the question is, to the best of your recollection, what has been the longest saga in in-game years that you played in AND enjoyed as far as it went?

Also, add a comment or two about how that ended.

Thanks much.


Where's Chuck? I want to see him round out the top end of that bell curve.



Must be an urban legend that.. :smiley:

We're at 10 years and definitely going to the 15-30 range, we've been playing for 3.5 years.

Castrum Borealis
1153-1163, still going


I realized after I voted that another in my group had already, after seeing that I realized this won't give any decent numbers due to the fact that some groups only have 1 person here reading the forums and others have several.
Better to just post your covanents name, current year and when you joined.

of course I always forget our name....
Criagmoor I beleive, 1125-1152 and still going

Who needs Chuck when one of his players is here? 8)

Nurockrah saga 1195-1228 (1992-2007, On Hiatus)

Foxcourt saga (1250-1251) (PbP, 1999-2003, RIP)

Lough Caillte (1220 - ????) (PbP,2007 - ????, Just starting)


The longest campaign I ever ran or was in last 42 game-years, including two "long downtimes" (one of 4 years, one of 6) in which the magi pretty much stayed around the covenant. This was under 2nd and 3rd edition rules. The Gelwich-Aquarda campaign (the covenant had to up and move at one point and, due to the local politics, had to change its name) was simply amazing; during the 6th year of gameplay I sent the players into Calebais and, due to decisions they made there, the rest of the campaign more of less fell into place (the fate of the bell, who gained it, what this did). Every character had trained at least one apprentice by the end of the campaign, a couple of them trained two, and the web of alliances and enemies even stretched across Tribunal lines.

sigh that was a great campaign...

The longest campaign I have been in since lasted barely 10 in-game years.

Hildegaersberg / Wittemeer covenant (1221 - 1235, just getting started)
We've played for about half a year now, and will certainly continue for some more time. We do play every week, so that makes for fast campaining.


  • Black Peak (1178-1240). 50-ish years. Iberia. Destroyed by demons


  • Watchers of Carnac (1153-1156). 3 years + 3 years of apprenticeship (1150-1152) adventures


Campaign started in 1060 and is now at 1084.

Our magi have been through all kinds of hell and are just about to see the first crop of apprentices gauntlet.

We have secondary magi (also mplayed by the same players) in the covenant and tend to run stories for them seperately.

How often do you play?