Poll: What would you like me to run?

What sort of game should Timothy run?

  • Castle in the wilderness, with faeries and exploration as key themes
  • Castle in the wilderness, with Hermetic politics as key theme
  • Castle in the wilderness with the personal lives of the PCs and the life of the community as the key theme
  • Castle in the wilderness, fighting demonic corruption as key theme
  • Single House story (with house described in your post)
  • Set in a city in Western Europe
  • Moves setting regularly, like a ship, trading caravan or magical conveyance
  • Europe-wide traumatic event: characters from different places band together
  • Other: if you vote other, please describe what you mean in your post

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OK, so in the two weeks since I've posted for players for a PBP, I've had three nibbles. To me, that looks like a non-viable game.

I was trying to design something a bit different to the games that are already running, which are bascially classic setting (castle in the wilderness) so far as I can see. I'm not knocking castle in the wilderness, by the way, I'm just saying that I didn't want to compete with the more established games for players.

So, here's the big test to see if its just that the board has been tapped dry, or if people just didn't like what I was suggesting.

[size=150][color=darkred]Please only vote in this poll if you are a player looking to add a game to your current commitments.[/size]

Sorry for the multiple marks of emphasis there. 8)

As the Sieve Leagus seems to be delayed I have interest in more gaming and thought that an urban covenant would be fun, never tried that one before. If you want a Verditius magi I am your man. :smiley:


While I was obviously ok with the roaming game, I'd also be happy with an urban one. I'm in.


An Urban covenant in a city sounds fun , I would e interested in that

I like the city idea as well but i was wondering if having more than 1 Verditius would be a problem...

Urban 8)

If it becmes a reality I would suggest a midsized city though....no London, Rome things :confused:

There's a new poll. I'm replying to this poll so that the automatic notification system will send out a note to people who have expressed interest through this poll.


Interested regardless of choice. I was one of your nibblers for "To Boldly Go" and remain one for your current game. I still like the idea of TBG, would like to have seen it work but suspect that a game geared more for companions had an uphill slog.