Poor Richard of Glastonbury... [RoP:I]

....who got nerfed but luckily had luck on his side.

Reading the example on page 103 of RoP:I I wondered if it weren't a candidate for the Errata. To be absolutely sure I post it here before mailing it to David Chart.

Richard rolls a '0' on a stress roll while using an infernal power in an infernal aura and then 5 dice are added to his botch roll from the aura. In the core book (p. 183) it states stat botch dice from the aura are only added if using a power in an foreign aura (and the examples there highlights foreign as of a different realm). I recalled this rule because I know I missed it during the first coupled of readings of 5th ed...

One of the reasons I'm not completely sure is the thought that I might have missed a rule in the RoP:I, stating that infernalists take the brunt of botching even within infernal auras? - it would be within reason of the logic of the use of infernal powers (alluring and accessible powers but underachieve and you'll be "rewarded" with pain).

Ooo, I think you're right, Furion. Maybe there were other circumstances that led to Richard's activities being so dangerous, but he shouldn't have gotten extra botch dice for the aura. Mea culpa!

Te absolvo... :wink:

I had just been finding hope that God makes life hell to those forces serving exactly that.

BTW, I've been behind on reading the books even if not sparing a moment buying them the moment they're out, but I've been swallowing RoP:I recently as were are currently playing a story about the infernal and I've got to say that the book has only inspired the story to become even more interesting, twisting the characters' (and certainly the players') head on what the infernal is and how its does its thing.... and last night's session was faboulous (as it was devious :smiling_imp: ) and the next session will be the climax of the story, with the two magi, and their two companions and two grogs, making their way into the baron's castle at night-time to face the fiendish lord and their childhood antagonist (though they should find that the lord is only a puppet to his infernalist wife), but little do they suspect that while one of them seeks to destroy the infernalist and it's servants, the other seeks to supplant them!

In short - thank you for an inspiring product that makes a positive difference to the story we've been telling.