Possible source of inspiration: Pan's Labyrinth?

Anyone seen this film? Pan's Labyrinth? It's a Spanish fantasy/horror, at least it looks like it from the trailer. The film comes in the theatres here in Norway in two weeks, and I can't wait to see it.
But from the trailer, this film appears to be good as inspiration for Ars Magica. I find movie trailers to be good inspiration in generel, as they often just hint at the story, and you have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. And from this, original story hooks are born. I had several ideas after watching the trailers for Pan's Labyrinth.

So.. anyone seen it? How is it? Did you like it? :slight_smile:


I saw this trailer too, it looks really promising as a movie and as a
inspiration sources with strong unseelie flavour.

You can see the trailer here

I saw "Pan's Labyrinth" at the Film Fantastic festival on the Gold Coast. It was the favourite movie of their booker, and frankly it is gorgeous and fantastic, and I strongly advocate people seeing it. I may see it again at our local arts cinema, because it's just really, relly good. It's about a girl who, during the Spanish Civil War, is approached by a faerie who claims her as a missing princess, and gives her disturbing tasks to perform.

I've seen it - it's been on release in the UK for a few weeks.

It is a powerful, moving - nay shattering, film. The end of the film was one of the almost unique occasions when the audience got up as the credits rolled, and just crept out, silently, thoughtful.

Go and see it, and prepare to be moved to thought and emotion - but don't go to see it as an animated-faerie movie, as source material for Ars Magica. It is not... You might manage that when the DVD comes out, and you can watch only about 1/3rd of the scenes - just the Faerie ones.

However, the Faerie scenes (and especially the ending) won't make real, deep sense to you without watching the galling scenes of the Spanish Civil War, and the tribulations of the characters in life.

Yes, it's a good source for Ars Magica stories as it details faeries and faerie worlds quite stylishly.

Yes, it is probably a dark fantasy masterpiece in it's own right and worth seeing for that reason alone.

Yes, it is very violent in parts, and certainly not a film for children - even though it's trailors give the impression of it being like Harry Potter.