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I'm having trouble posting so I'm just testing for usererrors. Will remove if successfully posted.

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Oh Hello similar problem ( I initially wanted to puu this in the masters lounge but couldn’t finit, thus the thread hijacking
Wvntntee touoj tell!, justad stroke 2 ago ars has
been za great help, from practicing my spontaneous Cr cohealin q@(I suck AT MAGIC), banishing demons of disease from the room and thinking hiw to implement lots of things

hive mminds/ spirits, lie in qshdowrun and horrormovies
what I cal call conceptual beings: what if your playzers want to bind / destro Nyx, or Adramelex?

,If I gett out ok ant with full memories, i intend to write it all down for ppl here
In yhe meantime, do not worry ( I’ve got fellow wizards on my side, including divine practitioners) benbe kind to your friends and families and put contingencyies in placce should you disappear.

Thanks for reading me



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