Postmodern magick for Unknown Armies.

Do anyone know where I can get my hands on a Postmodern magick book for Unknown Armies? I am looking for this book but have as of yet not managed to find one.

It's been out of print for several years, so it's pretty hard to find a paper copy. The PDF is available from our online PDF vendors (Warehouse23, Paizo, Arima).

Thank you for your reply. What I am looking for is a paper copy to add to my collection of RPG books.

While this may be the expensive way to do it..

If you have the time, paper, and the ink... buy the PDF and print it out. Print is more useful, especially since you may not have a laptop to bring it with you... There may be legal/ethical ramifications (aka, violation of copyright) in doing so, as well.

It'd probably be cheaper to scour e-bay, or find an online used games seller who has a copy, though...



Yes it is more cheap then buying a copy, but still do not cut it for a collection, but thank you for the idea. I was thinking of doing that whit online pot and articles about the RPG games I like that find very useful and write it out and put it all in a big binder. A big book of useful RPG material for my favorite games. :smiley:

Now I have found a copy of Postmodern Magick on Amazon, it cost but I am happy I found it. Thank you for the help both of you.