Posts not being displayed

I noticed this issue today while reading the forums. On a multi-page thread, using the page button along the top and bottom, or using the 'next' link to flip the page, causes some posts not to be displayed. I actually have to go to the address bar and modify the "&start = " portion of the web address to bring up the missing posts.

The problem is occurring with both the web interface and with Tapatalk. It's also intermittent: the problem shows up on some threads but not others.


Here's one of the affected threads:

The issue ONLY occurs between page 5 and page 6: there are four posts missing from the bottom of page 5, which can be brought up by editing the "start=60" bit to read "start=65". They're still there, they're just not being displayed.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll let Wendy the Webmaster know.