PotC; Last of the Mohicans; Patriot

Just an idea I had ...if anyone still frequents this board ...I've been kicking around the idea of designing some of the characters from some of the movies I mentioned above in NC format.

For instance ...Jack Sparrow (is his hat magical? He never wanted to let it out of his sight)

The Turners

Chingachgook, Uncas, and Nathaniel

Benjamin Martin aka The Ghost :wink:

Just fishing for anybody's ideas? I will of course submit mine as well.

OK, if I were to create stats for those characters...

Jack Sparrow: Rake 14/Sea Captain 6. He's a bit of a falstaff, though, isn't he, minus the increased girth!

Will Turner: Commoner 12/Fencing Master 8.

It's been a while since I saw LOTM -- I don't remember who's who!

Never seen the Patriot, but I'm guessing Soldier + Scout + Frontier Legend?

Glad that someone else besides me still uses these boards!

[resume sound of crickets chirping]

I was thinking that Sparrow had a bit of Falstaff in him as well, without the girth. But is he 20th level? Same with Will though I definately had the same idea, non-heroic/Fencing Master

LotM: Uncas was Nathaniel's (Daniel Day-Lewis) brother and Chingachgook was the older indian that traveled with them, he killed Magua. Chingachgook would definately have some levels of Frontier Legend but I was thinking maybe some levels of Druid? Uncas and Nathaniel are pretty much Scouts.

Patriot, awesome movie!! Though reality is a bit skewed :wink:

I don't know that I would call either of them 20th level... more like 10th, maybe 12th at the tops. Maybe even as low as 8th level. They are good, but most of that is going against mooks of the crown. But that is based on only Curse of the Black Pearl, since I have only seen the second movie once, and I was half asleep when it began...