Potent Magic: Anyone got an example?

I'm having difficulty sorting out the use of the Potent Magic Major/Minor Virtue.

Can someone give an example of it in use?



Fenwick has Minor Potent Magic in wind. This gives him a +3 bonus to his lab totals and his casting total for wind based spells and projects. It also allows him to create potent spells.
So, he creates a potent version of Broom Of The Winds. He chooses to use agate (+3), and a fan (+4) as casting items. Thats a Potency Score of +7. He needs a Magic Theory of 7 or higher to do this. Once learned, he can cast this new version, and get a +7 bonus to his casting roll, but needs to touch an agate and a fan while casting (note, he'll also still get his +3 mentioned above). If he doesn't have the items available, he can't cast the spell at all.
Then he writes the spell down. Anyone with a magic theory of 7 or higher can learn the spell from the text, they don't need the virtue to do so. Then they too can cast the spell using the items for a +7 casting bonus.

If Fenwick had Major Potent magic, he'd have had a +6 bonus to his lab totals and casting totals. It wouldn't have altered his ability to create potent spells (other than a larger bonus to his lab total while doing so).

Hope i didn't make any mistakes there.


The text was a bit hard for me to understand in that section (obviously). Thanks a million!