potential flaw?(bookworm)

you have a uncontrolible urge to read!
thought please?

Abe, instead ofmaking all these different threads. What about if you make a single thread called, "Abe's Ideas" and a second thread, "Abe's Questions"

Then instead of litering the board with hundreds of threads that are one or two lines each, you could have two threads. No more. Another advantage is, if you want to look back over an idea, rather than shifting through the board, you could find it in one of two places.

What do you think?

Two threads that exclusively handle your material.

Abe's Ideas and Abe's Questions

Personally I like it.

The cure to this Flaw is to author everything as ABE. :stuck_out_tongue:
Any compulsion to read will soon dissipate.

Your terrible! I love it!

So Abe, what do you think? I think it's a great idea. Two seperate threads exclusive to Abe: "Abe's Ideas" and "Abe's Questions".

All sarcasm aside, you will have a collection of all your ideas/questions in one of two places along with all the responses. It will be rather organized and easy to follow. It's much easier than surfing the board looking for old threads. If I could have my material at this board organized for me it would be something I'd accept.

I second the idea Tuura.

Congrats Master! bows :astonished:

Forever your gauntlet to the title as Master will be heartily remembered to have been earned under the thread of "potential flaw?(bookworm)"... :laughing:

my ideas come at random so I put them up as I think of them,otherwise I loose track of them.

Doesn't make sense - since you post many different ideas your own thread would be constant on top of the list and easily accesible!

I would probibly forget most of the time.

No way...

Then you are just an annoying troll and we should petition to have you banned from posting.

Congratulations on your Mastery, Ravenscroft. We expect to see you at our next conclave.

Now all we have to do is plot how to remove those Grandmasters. :smiling_imp:

Abe, if you have to flood the forum with multitudes of threads that neither seems thought through beforehand nor something you're really interested in following up on - PLEASE join them in one thread only!

It's silly, disrespectfull and rude to keep flooding the forum like this.

Prepare your ideas and follow up on them. If not - find somewhere else to vent your thoughts and ideas!

Ravenscroft, I am the self appointed distributor of No-Prizes to all that achieve Master status. Your comments as a 'young' Master place in an awkward position. Do I 'reward' a No-Prize to someone who plots the over throw a group I will one day be apart of? Or do I not reward you, showing my displeasure with your grabs for power.


Well Master's Cloak is in the mail. That's a given.

Hmmmm. Perhaps the answer lies in what else I send you! Yes... yes.

Your Scrying Pool of Self Absorbtion is also in the mail. :wink:

Abe not cool.

A lot of us have spent generous amounts of time trying to help you out fully knowing your ability to learn is near zero.

I am going to create two threads for you and I'm going to ask for two things.

First, you place your ideas in the "Ideas" thread and your questions in the "Questions" thread.

Second I'm going to ask that people refrain from answering your questions unless you post them in your exclusive threads.

Given your last few posts, if you fail to do this and continue to litter the board with questions, I will join in any effort to ban you from posting.

I agree with Tuura. Consolidate your thoughts. Your excuse is pretty weak. Simply subscribe to the thread and you'll know where it is, and when people post to it.

I also will join in any effort to ban you if you continue to litter the forum with a stream of low-content posts.