Potion S&M

I've a feeling the answer to this is in some book I don't own, but... what shape/material bonus is appropriate to a potion (that is drunk)?

Also: how do would you feel about a HR that potions can cast R:Personal effects? Too unbalancing?

Do you have the pdf of the Shape & Material list from the Atlas site?
by Bonus
by Shape/Material

Potions are 4th Ed (page 88 ) aren't they?
They are listed as Charged Items (page 96) in 5th Ed ,
if i am reading this correctly.

I don't see any statement that a Charged Item cannot have R:Personal.

My, that's right useful! Thanks!

No mention of potions or anything like it, though :-/ Guess it's not in the canon then.

How about simply something like:
Potion (drunk):
Affect drinker's mind 4
Affect drinker's body 5

The RAW you are quoting I only see as examples of triggering actions, (being drunk or hitting a target) and not as the Range. Unless the magic effects the Charged Item itself, the Range has to be at least Touch. R:Personal might still be usefull - such as turning the potion into a vile poison or making the arrow burn or turn into a iron shaft. Might do wicked things, but for the Effect directly affecting the drinker or target Personal wont do.

There is in the sense as Ravenscroft noted that the Charged Items include things such as potions. In terms of bonuses I'd look at the actual content of the potion aswell - distilled dragon piss? or mandragora root? That leaves a lot of potentialities (as well as abuse :astonished: ), but it is also quite mythic.

I for one would love to see a list of potion ingrediants in a shape and material list. There are some, of course, but more suggestions would always be welcome.

Ingredients would supply the Materials bonus, but what about the Shape bonus? What do you think of my suggestion there?

Perhaps it would be in order to HR allowing a different ability from MT limit the Materials bonus for potions (herbalism or alchemy or what have you), so that you could have a Shape bonus up to MT and a Materials bonus up to Herbalism simultaneously. It would provide motivation for specializing in an area which is really limited to charged items.

You could have a shape and materials bonus from the shape and materials in the container a potion was contained in. There could be a perfectly good reason the Potion of Foo is contained in a ruby vial the shape of a monkey.
It creates story elements just like any other item.