Powerful MuVi effects

My magus has come to see the weakness in flinging his spells against one and one demon, , but is rather sceptical to inventing a mass anti-demon spell, so we're left with developing a new spell: "The economical Magus". A MuVi effect that allows another spell to be cast with a group target rather than a ind target... (Totally change another spell of up to half (baselevel+5) levels.)
However, this was such a good idea that he figured he might expand upon the idea - and make an enhanced versjon of it... Allowing 100 targets by increasing the magnitude with 3. This presents a problem - since the guidelines are somewhat lacking here - all it says is that it requires a Creo requsite... So I'm wondering, would 1/4 of (level +5) be appropriate?

Once the spell goes over Level 40... It is no longer a spell but a ritual. So I am to be thinking that it isn't so terribly economic. :slight_smile:

Try it on a lvl 10 versjon of demon's eternal oblivion... Weakening 100 demons at a time, rather than 1... (as far as I can understand, it doesn't alter the penetration of the original effect...)

Ritual Spells page 114

Totally change a spell :

Wizard's Boost (Target)

from page 160 , as per description in Wizard's Boost (Form)

Plan B: master DEO and multicast it.

I have always found it a little bit weird that a level 30 DEO is weaker than 2 level 15 DEOs cast through multicasting (due to increased penetration), but hey.



Still not seeing the problem - a spell to enchance a lvl 10 spell would only need to be lvl 40. Besides - at some point one might desire use this for mass healing, in which case ritual wouldn't be a problem...

But alas - the original question still remains: do you feel that to divide by 4 would be right for such an effect? (This follows the double for minor change, equal for change of 1 mag, half for change of 2 mag...)

As far as i can determine , you can boost the Target of the original spell ,
but not by more than one magnitude.

I can't really give a useful comment on your suggested guideline at this point.

MuVi guidelines:

Gen: Totally change a spell of less than half the (level + 1 magnitude) of the Vim spell. This may change the Technique, Form, or both of the target spell, and needs no requisites for those Arts. The Vim spell affects the structure of the spell, not the things that the spell targets. A change in power of up to two magnitudes is a total change. Any greater change requires either Creo or Perdo to create more magical energy or destroy some.

This is what the spell is based upon... My idea is to go beond that, into the area mentioned by the guidelines to require Creo. Since it is still a change, I imagine a MuVi with Cr req.

So something along the lines of

Mu(Cr)Vi to affect a spell of less than halfx(level + 01 magnitude) of the target spell.
Each +01 magnitude (in terms of power) higher than +01 added to the original spell increases the Creo requisite by +01 also.
Boosting a level 10 spell by 03 magnitudes (to increase target) ,
would require a Mu(Cr) Vi spell of level 45

target spell level of 10 +15 levels = 1/2x(45 + 05 levels)

(if my math is wrong blame it on lack of sleep for after 1am local time)

Remember that adding up to 2 magnitudes does NOT require and Creo req, and you divide only the base lvl. So following this formula you'd end up with:

Target level 10 = 1/2(25 (spell lvl) + 5 - 5(Creo req) - 5(touch range))

However, this does seem somewhat easy compared to the other MuVi spells, where you need to equal the lvl of the target spell with your spell+5 in order to raise by 1 mag, and double it in order to raise by 2 mags.
Thus the divide by 4, and consider the Creo req a necesary component, thus not actually adding a magnitude for it)

Target level 10 = 1/4 ( 40(spell lvl) + 5 - 5 (touch range) )

Continuing this with a follow up question - seeing as this isn't really within any actual specified guidelines, do you guys think this should require a minor breakthrough?

:imp: :imp: [color=red][size=150]NO!![/size] :imp: :imp:

I believe that the guidelines in the book are only representitive, not exaustive. If you require any spell even a little bit outside of the guidelines to be a breakthrough then you severly limit the magi and, strongly susspect, make the game less fun by adding unnecessary rules bickering and making people less happy with their characters.

Thank you, Grand Master.
My bonisagus will be really pleased at this... (the local demons might not be...)