Powerful Mystical Effects

According to the main book, page 168, someone subjected to a "powerful mystical effect" gains a warping point. The text goes on to say that powerful mystical effects include any spell of 6th magnitude. This seems a little strange: Ball of Abysmal Flame gives the target warping points? As does Peering into the Mortal Mind?

The target of "Ball of Abysmal Flame" is the fire itself - and that is magical allready and thus gets no warping. "Peering into the Mortal Mind" is slightly more tricky by the strictest reading of the rules - but I'd say that with most In spells, the target (from a warping point of view) is the reciever of the insight (and as the caster does not gain warping from his own spells, there is no warping here).

So only malign Perdo Corpus & ReCo would warp your targets since everything else uses a medium or does not target the individual directly.

What about a MuHe30+ that would turn the clothes of an individual to something else. Would it warp the individual or just the clothes ?


I'd have thought most Corpus spells (Cr, Mu, Pe and Re) would potentially warp - as would Mentem spells (again perhaps other than Intellego).

Do animals gain warping points? I assume so.

Yes, in both cases the person is quite clearly "subjected to a powerful mystical effect" - provided of course that it goes through his Magic Resistance.

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I don't believe so; MuCo spells such as Curse of Circe target the victim directly and so I think they would cause Warping.

I think it would warp the clothes; there is a brief mention of inanimate objects gaining Warping in one of the orange boxes on page 167.


Sir Garlon

Hmmm I guess I was in a hurry.

What I meant to say that only Corpus & memtem effects (Rs Rq or not) would warp a person? (And when the person in question is in another form & then be warped by the appropriate spells also i.e in the form of an animal, animal spells would also warp).

Let us take a CrHe effect to heal plants of level 30+ which is casted on a mundane human beeing. Would it warp him?

What about a CrIg that engulfs the target (a person in this case) in fire (Effect of level 30+)?

Personally, the way we have been playing, all of above would warp.