Praeco of Normandy

I appear to have mislaid the Praeco of Normandy. Was there one in The Lion & The Lilly?

It seems the eldest magi of Normandy are all very frail, very isolated, or both. The strongest claimant seems to be Celeres of Bonisagus, as Geirlaug won't leave her sanctum.

Other opinions?

No. On page 136, it states that Renita ex Bjornaer has recently passed away and that her advisor (and presiding quaesitor), Proctor, is serving as interim Praeco until a replacement can be chosen. Celeres is identified as the most likely candidate on page 139, however.

While she is reclusive, I don't get the impression that Geirlaug won't leave her sanctum for a chance at becoming the Praeco. If she could use her mirror to run Tribunal, I'm sure she would do that, too.

So, I can envision her showing up and pushing a claim to be Praeco, because of her desire for vengeance against Oleron and her unpredictable nature. If she assumes the position she would try conducting any future meetings of the Tribunal from her mirror, because it's good to be the Praeco.

Silly me. I was looking on the front end of the book, where most of the Hermetic Tribunal information is.