Praesidium Orae

looking for more players, we are still in fast-play mode but some are enjoying the quick pace- with 100 years left to go on this stage, we have mages who can take apprentices, and houses not currently in the covenant may add teaching mages as well. Taurus is up for grabs and one established player is considering bowing out due to time constraints. come join the OOC conversation if you are interested.


I'm interested to join the game but I can't join the OCC discussion thread, no "post a reply" button for me.

Do you still need new players?

Are you still recruiting? Or did you fill up the troupe already?
It seems that the OOC conversation is not open for posting for outsiders.
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Hi do you still have an opening? If yes what is the rules for character creation? The story plus other things i need to know

effectively standard rules, or pretty close for the mentor character if you need to make one- the primary character will be made at the start of apprenticeship and join the accelerated game We are currently up to 1125. Information has mostly been posted on the wiki and relevant threads...

Are there any places available to play in this campaign?


There are, options vary depending on which house you want the character to be in...

Is this game still open? And if so, can you give a brief comment on what stage it's at and/or any requirements that aren't obvious?

Of course, I see that there's a lot of reading to do, but I wanted to check before I started in on that.

It is still open, and in the "prelude" stage of rapid advancement.

The prelude stage is...100ish?...years prior to 1220, yes?

I have an odd concept fir a Bjornaer I'd love to try out if you have space?

there is space.
we are finishing 1145, so there is another 75 years to go in the prelude.

So I would only have gotten the full 100 if I was around from the beginning? That's fair. I mean, one shouldn't get the benefit of all the years if they weren't around for all of them. So 75 years of advancement...which is cool. :slight_smile:

You've got a lot of threads in your forum, and while I will take the time to read them all, it might take a bit longer than if I just posit quick questions to you. Or, rather, get clarifications for the things I'm thinking. For starters, I'm assuming standard creation up to guantlet. But when we are racing through the next 75 years, is there anything that's off-limits? Anything that you need to be involved with personally as far as creation goes (such as initiation scripts)?

And I'd like to get approval for the concept before I get moving on it: Bjornaer with an octopus heartbeast. I'd like to take Strong Faerie Blood (Undine), Atlantean Magic, Subtle Magic (x2), Quiet Magic...which should put me at 7/10. I'm thinking MMF Weather to hit 10/10, which then goes along with the ranges from Atlantean Magic. My goal here is to go completely underwater at some point, getting an underwater lab set up (with dry parts, much like a beaver's dam) and be able to cast spells underwater in octopus form. Would this be an acceptable concept?

First of all, it is not standard up until gauntlet. If you go bjorner you will create two characters- a mentor and an apprentice. The mentor will need to have a reason to be joining this covenant aside from "because that is where the game is", but can be pre-advanced to any point post gauntlet.
Then someone else will play the mentor. You will make an apprentice pre-apprenticeship, ready to begin apprenticeship, which the mentor will go out and find, and then begin the apprenticeship as part of the game, which in the prelude is in a "fast forward" mode, but the 75 years will be played through for your advancement.
Atlantean magic would need to be a combination of quest and research during the 75 years of advancement, the others are fine. An octopus heartbeast will be fine, if unusual (it would certainly explain why you prefer the Mediterranean) but keep in mind it will be a realistic octopus for the region- a giant octopus form would be possible with the Epitome inner heartbeast, but this may come down to which mysteries to pursue if you choose this path.

So, then, it's not really 75 years of advancement, but rather 60? I mean, standard advancement for apprenticeship is 15 years, followed by the remainder of the time that's left.

I'm not real keen on creating a character that someone else is going to play just so they can come find me at age 10; that seems a bit...much? I love the idea of the time advancement and getting to do that prior to the actual start of the game in 1220. I'm just not sure about having to come up with 2 character concepts and create both of them only to have one taken from me and the other starting well before gauntlet.

the concept is that you are creating your own parens and then going through the apprenticeship, and by creating your parens you are indirectly creating your character. The apprentice characters wind up more powerful but somewhat less optimized...

Yeah, I don't want to create a character so I can create another character; I just want to create one character and go.

Thanks for at least indulging the questions!