Pralix and Vagrancy

Serf's Parma, but I don't have access to the Houses of Hermes books at the moment.

Does anyone know when the crime of Vagrancy was first added to the Peripheral Code?
After House ex Miscellanea entered the Order of Hermes and it member's swore the Hermetic Oath, I imagine most of the (potential) charges against Pralix for violating terms of the Hermetic Oath went away. And presumably her defecting from, and threatening to raise arms against the Order of Hermes was forgiven as part of Trianoma's peace brokering.

But what House did Pralix belong to?
I have recently been reminded that she was never a member of House ex Miscellanea. Did she rejoin House Tytalus? Did House Tytalus ever consider her Orbis?
Or perhaps she was truly vagrant, and the Vagrancy section of the Peripheral Code added after her disappearance? (To prevent any other magus from following her example?)

Pralix was (HoH:S p.71f Tytalus the Sorcerer) Guorna's victim-to-be, then (p.72f Tytalus the Magus) the joint apprentice of Bonisagus and Tytalus.
She joined House Tytalus afterwards and acted as its informal leader when Tytalus was absent. Her own apprentice, Hariste, was taken from her by Tytalus and around 807 AD (p.73 The House after Tytalus) became the Prima of the House.
Only after Pralix defeated Damhan-Allaidh at the behest of the Order and assumed leadership of the Ordo Miscellanea, she (HoH:S p.101f History) renounced both her House and the Order. Trianoma and Hariste mediated, and in 817 AD the Ordo Miscellanea joined the Order of Hermes as a new House. Pralix never officially joined the House Ex Miscellanea and also did not rejoin the Order of Hermes (p.126 History).

I reckon, that puny issues like vagrancy charges never came up for Pralix.


"Immunity for her lifetime"
That can be read as not just immunity for past misdeeds, but for everything in the future.

I like the idea that Pralix helped start the tradition of House Tytalus deciding when others were worthy to be called a Tytalus. If any house could appreciate a magus for giving the Order the finger and starting a rival order, it'd be them.