pre game advancement

The standard according to Ars Magica is 30xp/year or on p. 33 "Extreemly Complex Character Generation", which technically should be taken ll the way back to age 5, but I do generally allow s being simply post gauntlet.

Okay, I tried to extend the poll so people could adjust their voting based on possible misunderstandings, but apparently continuing the discussion is creating it's own problems, so we will go with the poll as it stands: [strike]30xp/yr, no bonuses for special virtues[/strike].

apparently the poll changed at the end- we will allow seasonal advancement, characters will be given a 'book allowance' they may use during that time...

To clarify- I locked this poll/discussion because Snape was not the only one getting frustrated with it, and it needed to end. My temper was getting short, and I would like to publicly apologize to Arthur for my previous post.