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Hi, I'm here! I can't open a new thread, that permission is only to the sub-forum admin by default. FYI, Wilhelm is his pre-gauntlet name, haven't worked out what he's going to choose for a magus name (or if he'll just keep his regular name) - it's actually an important IC decision because he'll want to choose a name strategically to aid his legacy. Also FYI, he's actually a Bonisagus, basically stolen from House Jerbiton. (Wasn't sure if that came through or not.)

I did get it. The character still feels rather Jerbitonish.

Oh for sure. I just wanted to make sure the labelling was correct on the tin. :slight_smile:

Looks like I'm having trouble to find 4 players. We could start playing this with 2 players - or I could make a PC too, or we could wait some more.

I'm surprised. I asked a friend, he hasn't gotten back to me; but I'm fine with whatever you want to do.

Like wise, I'll ask a friend of mine as well

My better half has an idea wants to join as a bjornaer

Super - bring them in!


I am Kareruren's other half he mentioned. I was thinking of making a Bjornaer if that's okay?

"Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!", Effie Trinket would say to this.

Sure. Start with a draft of virtues and flaws. I assume you are an experienced player. If not, I'll have to go lighter on the jargon. Some people drag their partners into rpgs - I was dragged by my then other half a long time ago. I've learned how to do it since, but there is no need to make this process less gentle than necessary.

I was taught this game by Tera, so definitely not the expert lol

So just say when you've got questions!