Pre-Saga Correspondence

This thread is about the letters exchanged by the magi before the start of the saga, as they work on forming this new covenant.

Timeline (I'll update it as details firm up):

  • 1172: Tribunal meeting; Treverorum is abandoned by its sole surviving magus and abolished

  • 1174: [list][*]Along with other members of the Oak Gild, Octavius decides to secretly sponsor formation of a new covenant to further the gild's political goals

  • Aedituus completes Gauntlet in Stonehenge

  • January: Aedituus arrives in the Rhine and is hosted at Triamore

  • April: Petronius completes Gauntlet in the Rhine

  • May: Petronius writes a first letter to Aedituus to discuss the creation of a new covenant

  • July: Aedituus' reply to Petronius arrives

  • August: Second letter from Petronius to Aedituus; details some potential sites for the new covenant (including Koblenz)

  • March: Petronius moves to Triamore, meets Aedituus; they discuss in more details the formation of the new covenant, separating some of the tasks to be performed; a sponsor from Triamore is easily found

  • April to September: Petronius establishes contact with potential sponsors at each covenant of the Tribunal; an agreement is reached with magi from Oculus Septentrionalis (requires invitation of Praxiteles), Durenmar (for Titus Aurelius) and Crintera (aerie for traveling Bjornaer with brid-shapes)

  • December: Petronius' first letter to Praxiteles arrives, inviting him to become a member of the new covenant
    ]1179: Tribunal year

  • February: Praxiteles' reply to Petronius arrives; in it he expresses interest in the new covenant and annouces that he is relocating to Paris

  • March: Aedituus travels to Koblenz for a preliminary survey of potential sites (short trip, no impact on advancement)

  • April: Second letter from Petronius to Praxiteles arrives in Paris, in it he describes some of the potential sites and members of the covenant

  • May: Second answer from Praxiteles to Petronius; Praxiteles announces that he is relocating to Koblenz

  • June: Third letter from Petronius to Praxiteles

  • September: Tribunal Meeting; New covenant is approved; Primus Urgen of House Bjornaer accuses Oculus Septentrionalis of aiding the Danish invasion of Rügen; Petronius remains at Durenmar after the meeting to do consult the library

  • October: Primus Urgen kills its leader Prudentum in a Wizard’s War
    ]1180: * Petronius at Durenmar (finds a text related to his research)

  • Aedituus at Durenmar, then travels to Laach Abbey
    ]1181: * Petronius at Irminsul

  • Aedituus investigates potential sites, corresponds with Petronius

  • The final site is selected

  • Titus Aurelius passes his Gauntlet
    ]1182: * Aedituus at Durenmar preparing for new covenant

  • Construction of the covenant at the site begins
    ]1183: * Aedituus at Durenmar, then travels to new covenant to set up lab

  • Construction of the covenant finished
    ]1184: Saga starts[/*:m][/list:u]

Delivered by redcap on the 16th day of May, Anno Domini 1177, to the covenant of Triamore, a few months after Aedituus arrives at that covenant

Salve sodalis,

I have heard of your arrival in our glorious Tribunal and wished to welcome you to the heart of the Order. After my recent Gauntlet, my pater has advised me that it would be in my own interest to seek out other magi of vigorous age to determine if they, as I, would be interested in eventually founding a new covenant. As you may know, in the Rhine this entails getting the formal approval at Tribunal, in the form of a sponsor from each existing covenants, a process that can require many years.

Why form a new covenant, you might ask? As a young magus, the prospect of travelling through the Order and beings hosted by covenants as a peregrinator has much appeal. However, I also aim at undertaking research that could revolutionize the way we travel using magic. Such a goal requires a stable and safe abode from which one can conduct said research and, considering the nature of existing covenant (which are in all cases either unsuitable to the task or unwilling to devote the ressources required by it) as well as the aforementioned delays for founding a new covenant, it was my thought that beginning the process as early as possible would be quite reasonable.

Should this endeavor be in agreement with your own goals and aspirations, it is my sincerest belief that our efforts might, combined with that of other tyro such as us, be able to sway sufficient sponsors as to receive approval at the upcoming Tribunal meeting in two years' time. If you agree to a provisional agreement, then I will share with you information that has been gathered regarding potential sites.

right Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii[/right]

Delivered by redcap on the 12th day of December, Anno Domini 1178, to the covenant of Thermakopolis in Constantinople. The letter is written in Latin.

Salve sodalis,

Myself and a number of magi are gathering together ressources and support to form a new covenant in the Rhine Tribunal. The goal of that covenant is to be a place for research and development of the Arts, where magi can pursue their interests in safety while still having mundane resources close at hand.

You were warmly recommended as both a magus and an artist, whose talents would be invaluable to our new covenant specifically, and to our Tribunal as well. We are thus offering you membership to this new covenant, which will be established in the area near Koblenz along the Rhine river.

Should you be interested in our offer, please contact me and we can discuss the specifics of the new covenant, as well as you specific needs and requirements so that they can be taken into account while preparing the site and the gathering of resources.

right Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii[/right]

The letter is written in a beautiful flowery script. It is delivered in late February of 1179

To: Petronius scholae Bonisagi

From: Praxiteles Jerbitonis

Petronius, you do me a great honor in sending me this letter. I can only imagine that you were referred to me by my wife's cousin, Henri De Tours. Yes, we are seeking to establish a home either in Gaulli or Germania. And it is now at this time, that I must confess to you something. I do not speak or read Latin, you are reading the words from my wife's hand. I am dictating to her in a common tongue and she is translating it into Latin. My wife, Ailips is fluent in French, German and Latin. I am functional in French. Greek is my native tongue, and as is the custom of my present Tribunal our magical tradition is done primarily in Classical Greek. There are a few who work both in Greek and Latin, and I hope to be one of those someday, but my apprenticeship never afforded me the time to pursue Latin.

I am interested in pursuing art and culture and prefer to be in an urban environment. It was my hope that we could have joined my wife's cousin, but it appears his covenant is full, so this offer to join a new covenant is fortuitous. Since this appears to be a new endeavor, starting a new covenant, we will be interested in seeing to our creature comforts, quickly. My wife and I are in the process of relocating to Paris, where we planned to stay with family. From there, we can come and go, back and forth to Germania and Paris, helping secure resources necessary to found a new covenant. If necessary, we can relocate to another location more suitable to conducting the search. My Gift is gentle, as you might have deduced from my desire to stay in an urban environment, so staying in a city is not a problem. Have you or anyone else identified a possible site close enough to a city, but with resources which might be suitable to this endeavor?

If I may, do you know of others who are joining in this endeavor? I wish to inquire about prospective covenant-mates, as I'm sure you wish to do the same.

Praxiteles Jerbitonis ab Thermakopolis; ailips

Delivered by redcap on the 21st day of April, Anno Domini 1179, in Paris. The letter is written in Latin.
To: Praxiteles Jerbitonis ab Thermakopolis
From: Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii, currently residing in Triamore

Salve sodalis,

Your answer to my letter has just recently reached me. I can only assume that the redcap had some difficulty getting it to me directly, since I have been travelling a lot in recent months, gathering sponsors for our new covenant. These efforts will intensify and culminate at the Tribunal meeting is a few weeks. I should be able to inform you of the results at the end of Summer.

For now, I am at the covenant of Triamore as a peregrinator. I moved here to work on gathering support for the new covenant, but also to meet one of the magi who will be joining us, a Criamon magus of the Stonehenge Tribunal named Aedituus. As you would expect from a member of his House, conversations with him are unusual. But he is also a kindred spirit, since he wishes to investigate the interactions of the Divine and Magical realms in his quest for The Enigma. My own fundamental research goals are of a different nature, having to do with magical transportation through portals, but in our respective researches we share the need for a stable and secure home.

I have received permission to spend some time in Durenmar after the Tribunal meeting, to consult the Great Library for material pertaining to my research. This will also give me the opportunity to meet another potential member of our covenant, an apprentice named Titus Aurelius, who is almost ripe for Gauntlet. His master says that he wishes to pursue fundamental research into the nature of magical auras and regiones, but that unfortunately Durenmar is unable to provide him with permanent residence.

Initial contact has been made with a few other candidates, but for now it is too early to say if they will be suitable in joining us for a new covenant. We also do not have a definitive site, although some information hint at possible locations along the Rhine River Gorge. Aedituus has recently departed to investigate some of those; the results of his initial investigations will determine if one or more of those sites will be adequate for our new home. Your request for an urban setting will be considered in our decision. How far from a city would be acceptable to you? Since I am not Gentle Gifted like you and Aedituus, it could become problematic for me to permanently reside within a mundane settlement, even if we do not take into account the scarcity of magical sites in urban locations.

For now, this is all the information that I can give you, as much will get decided right before the Tribunal based on what each sponsor asks in exchange for their support.

right Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii[/right]

OOC: I assume a location in Paris was provided in Praxiteles' letter. Otherwise, this letter will have transited through Constantinople and may arrive some weeks later.

Delivered by redcap on the 22nd day of July, Anno Domini 1177, to the covenant of Durenmar, for the magus Petronius

Salve sodalis,

Many thanks for your kind words of welcome. The hospitality of the covenants of the Rhine Tribunal and the open arms with which they greet peregrinatores have truly been a blessing, and have made my travels here enjoyable and interesting. Please allow me to offer my congratulations on your recent Gauntlet. Having achieved the status of magus just scant years ago, I understand the delight and enthusiasm you may be feeling at this time. (Is not the freedom after working so long in apprenticeship exhilarating?)

I am inclined to agree with you about the prospects of starting a new covenant. While my upbringing bends me toward stable and communal living arrangements, I fear I will chafe at the bonds imposed by those covenants already in existence. I am therefore intrigued by your offer of cooperation, and would gladly participate in exploring possible sites that might meet both our needs.

My own interests lie at the intersection of the Enigma and the Divine. Arriving at those intersections is likely to involve a rather convoluted and labyrinthine path, one on which I very much look forward to treading. It appears that my path will wind through the covenant of Triamore for a few more seasons, after which I would be happy to participate in researching providential sites. Perhaps you might join me here for a time, allowing us to strengthen our acquaintance and speak further on the matter?

rightAedituus filius Sonya scholae Criamon[/right]

Delivered by redcap on the 11th day of August, Anno Domini 1177, to the covenant of Triamore

Salve sodalis,

I am pleased to see that you share my interest in establishing a new covenant. As you say, many of the existing ones impose many restrictions on new members, which are often unsuited to the need for freedom that comes with completing one's apprenticeship. It may not surprise you that there are others who feel like we do. I have started sending out letters to those I have heard of, but if you hear of know of more, we can easily add their names to our search for covenant-brothers.

My searches for potential sites have been met with some success so far. The records at Durenmar have proved invaluable, but they are often out of date and double-checking the results by speaking to redcaps travelling the land around each is also necessary. Quite a few sites I have considered, only to have to discard tham upon listening to first-hand accounts of those who actually visited them. At this point, I am left with three strong possibilities, each with their own advantages.

The first one is close to the border of Lake Constance, right at the border of with the Greater Alps Tribunal. It is a place that I have visited during my apprenticeship. While the magical aura is reasonably strong, the site is a bit difficult to access and somewhat isolated from mundane settlements. Its closeness to the Greater Alps may also be the cause of political frictions, which makes it less than ideal.

A second potential site is an island on the Rhine River, between Mainz and Koblenz. I have little more information about this island at this time.

The third candidate is near the city of Koblenz itself. I have found the journals of a redcap who visited the area extensively and who found the ruins of an old Roman temple within a haunted forest, as well as a network of caves under a nearby mountain. The redcap is retired and now lives in the city of Verdun, where House Mercere has lands. Before joining you in Triamore, I shall endeavor to visit this redcap and try to obtain more information about Koblenz.

On a different note, how have you found the magi of Triamore? Is there any there that you have befriended, and who would sponsor our move to form a new covenant in the region?
right Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii[/right]

Deliver the 8th day of May 1179

To: Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii, currently residing in Triamore
From: Praxiteles Jerbitonis ab Koblenz

Sodalis Petronius,

No, it is our fault, entirely. You see, I had erred by not updating my address with the Redcaps when I relocated to Paris. The impetuousness of ardor for my beloved wife consumed me and I forgot some of the basic niceties of magus society that my pater attempted to teach me. We have corrected the error, and will have, by the time this letter reaches you, relocated to Koblenz. We can, should you find it necessary, be in attendance at the Tribunal gathering to seek approval for the proposed covenant. My wife's cousin has dutifully explained the customs and traditions of the Rhein to me. I understand that we must have consensus from all the covenants currently in existence to form. Even should this covenant fail to be approved, my wife and I can make a lovely home in Koblenz, but she and I both feel that this endeavor will be much more likely to succeed if we put all of our energies into it now. She and I are at the disposal of my future covenant mates. So if you have tasks which need to be completed, please apprise me of them, and I shall tackle the ones I am most capable of completing.

And it is the matter of covenant-mates that I now inquire. Who are our prospective sodales in covenant? I should very much like to introduce myself, either in person at Tribunal, or at least by way of a letter of introduction.


((OOC: I figure the Rhein Tribunal is held in the Fall, probably around the Equinox, this is how I time it in Bibracte))

Delivered by redcap on the 1st day of June, Anno Domini 1179, in Koblenz.
To: Praxiteles Jerbitonis ab Koblenz
From: Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii, currently residing in Triamore

Salve sodalis Praxiteles,

What an amazing coincidence that made you select Koblenz as you place of residence! Koblenz is one of the areas where we may end up building our covenant, for in my searches in the library of Durenmar I found mention of an old abandoned temple of Mercury. I followed up on this by tracking down the now-retired redcap, and he gave me some additional informations to find the temple. So it is that Aedituus performed a preliminary investigation of the site only a few weeks ago. Had he known you would be arriving in the city he would certainly have liked to meet you.

As it is, his initial findings were good. The ruins of the temple are located within the forest south of the city, which is said to be haunted. The area has a weak magical aura, but we both feel that there is a good possibility that by restoring the site we may be able strengthen it. The temple itself is just a burned husk, where the aura seems a bit stronger. An old wall surround the ruins, in much disrepair, and the area has been overgrown by many trees. Nevertheles Aedituus felt that this may be a strong candidate site. He plans on returning next Spring and spend some time in the region to fully investigate the site. If you have the time, you may want to join him in exploring the site and search for vis sources in the area.

You ask about our sodales, and I shall touch upon each of the briefly. I have already written of Aedituus. I may have also mentioned an apprentice of my House, named Titus, who should pass his Gauntlet within a few years. His mater has been very supportive of our efforts to create a new covenant, provided that we invite her filius as soon as he becomes a full magus. ... (Add some more about the other 2-3 magi of the saga. As I don't have much on them, it's hard to be specific.) ... With the Tribunal meeting fast approaching, I believe that we should be able to all meet, but feel free to write to each of them in the meantime. As we will be working together in the years to come, it is good for us to get a feel of each other.

You speak of tasks that you could accomplish for the covenant-building effort. Since you mentioned that you are gentle gifted, maybe you could help us contact mundanes to fill important roles for the covenant? Also, getting a feel of the city of Koblenz and finding ways for us to establish sources of income there would be very welcome. I must admit that I have little knowledge in this, other than knowing that we will need various covenfolk to help maintain the covenant, and grogs to defend us. I have a personal shield grog, which was assigned to me during apprenticeship by my pater's covenant, and I may be able to convince a mundane scribe to work for us. But otherwise I am at a loss as to who to hire, how many we need, and how to convince them to work for us.

right Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii[/right]

Salve Sodalis!

The learned sodales at Triamore have been most welcoming, and opened much of their abundant library to me. As a group, I find them too wrapped up in things mudane and secular, but individually each has made himself approachable and, for most, even friendly. Aline ex Bonisagus filia Forba has been most hospitable. She is a relatively young maga, remaining here at the covenant her parens founded. I broached the subject of a new covenant with her, and she did not immediately oppose such an endeavor. She expressed an interest in meeting you, Petronius, and has asked me to extend an invitation for you to visit as soon as you are able. I too would welcome such a visit.

I have not found information on the sites you mentioned in the library here, but then I find my days occupied with other researches. Forba ex Bonisagus has written an excellent summa on the form of Vim, "The Manipulations of Mystical Forces," certainly worth several seasons of study!

Delivered by redcap on the 12th day of December, Anno Domini 1177, to the covenant of Triamore.
To: Aedituus Criamonis, peregrinator resining in Triamore
From: Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii, currently residing at the Mercere House in Verdun

Salve sodalis Aedituus,

I have recently arrived here in Verdun, where I shall discuss the potential site of Koblenz with a retired redcap named Daniel. The good man is now quite old and tires easily, be promised me that he would give me access to his personal notes and comment them for me based on his failing memory. The Mercere House here is quiet but friedly, as many of the retired redcaps come here to spend their days copying notes and archiving their extensive knowledge of our Tribunal. My plan here is to spend the winter consulting with the redcaps, and then join you in Triamore in the spring so we can discuss the prospects of the various sites, along with other matters pertaining to the creation of our new covenant. Along with this letter, I am also sending another one to the magi of Triamore officially asking them for visiting rights as a peregrinator. I plan on arriving in the spring.

right Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii[/right]

(A letter to Petronius of Bonisagus, dated winter of 1183.))

Unto my esteemed colleague Petronius of House Bonisagus, greetings from Morticia of Bonisagus.

I pray you can forgive my presumption in writing to you without the benefit of a proper introduction. I am a newly gauntleted maga of our House, and I find myself in a bit of a quandary that I hope and pray you can assist me with.

I am a life-long resident of the Roman Tribunal, in that I was born here and have done all of my Hermetic Training here. However, my mater Asclepia* casts a long shadow, and too many of my new sodales here in Rome mistakenly assume that we have the same interests and the same goals in our research.

I am given to understand that you are in the process of establishing a new covenant in a locale that is rife with restless spirits. This locale would be of no small aide to me in my studies in matters of Life and Death, and I pray that you would keep me in mind when considering new members for your Covenant.

I eagerly await your reply.

Morticia filia Asclepia scholae Bonisagi

  • Asclepia is a Bonisagus of the Roman Tribunal, who is noted for her studies in healing, and is considered by some to be quite proficient in Corpus. Not a genius by a long shot, but certainly skilled in comparison to most magi.

Delivered by redcap on the 20th day of February, Anno Domini 1184.
To: Morticia filia Asclepia scholae Bonisagi, in the Tribunal of Rome
From: Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii, Laurus Argenti, Rhine Tribunal

Salve sodalis Morticia,

My own pater* has interest very similar to those of your mater, so I can appreciate your position as my own interest are even more removed than this. Fortunately, I have been able to distance myself from his research by gathering a number of other young magi to form a new covenant. It seems that news of our accomplishments have traveled much farther than I ever expected, if you have heard as much as you did!

I cannot at this time extend an offer of membership, but I will bring your request to our Council at its next formal meeting. Are you interested in establishing yourself here permanently, or would your visit be of a more transitory nature? The Rhine Tribunal's customs are quite accomodating to magi that wish to visit a covenant for a few years -- we term them peregrinatores.

What is the nature of your studies? This is not an idle question, for I am sure that my covenant-mates will want to know more about you before they extend an offer of membership, should that be the status you are seeking.

(signed) Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii

*Petronius' pater Octavius is also a Bonisagus (from a Mercurian lineage) specialized in healing magic, more specifically ritual spells for healing the body. As such, Aesclepia would certainly know about him (and vice versa). There may be some potential competition between them, or they may be on friendly terms. I leave that up to you to decide. Completely OOC I find it a bit strange that out of 52 Bonisagi, there would be 2 of them sharing exactly the same field of study. Not impossible, but you may give some thought about defining your mater's specialty so that their respective research was not in competition. I say that because Octavius is also a politically-oriented magus, so he might decide to make trouble for Morticia just to spite Aesclepia, if he and Aesclepia were in competition.

(A letter from Morticia to Petronius, dated almost immediately after the arrival of his letter and which is delivered that summer.)

To: Petronius filius Octavius of Bonisagus, Laurus Argenti, Rhine Tribunal
From: Morticia filia Aesclipia of Bonisagus, Literatus, Rome Tribunal

Thank you for your timely response. I have the good fortune of having been raised in the Covenant of Literatus, which is near the city of Bologna; thus, messages don't have as far to go, and being so close to the university, traffic is less noticeable than it would be in some of the more rural regions. In addition, my mater has cultivated the acquaintance of several magi in diverse Tribunals over the years, and knew that I would be seeking to spread my wings, so to speak, fairly soon, as our interests are so vastly different.

My studies are focused in the areas of Necromancy, for which I seem to have a talent. My ambition is to overcome the Fourth Horseman, and bring it about that man need never feel the sting of Death. This may take the rest of my life, but if I am successful...

I have mastered several healing spells, and have studied non-magical means of treating both disease and injury, all of which I feel should be of use in any covenant.

Ideally, I would love to establish myself permanently at the covenant, but I can understand your desire that I prove myself before such an offer can be extended, and I look forward to taking up residence at Laurus Argenti. I will be able to depart as soon as you and your sodales permit.

Yours in the pursuit of knowledge,
Morticia filia Aesclipia

  • I've been thinking on what Aesclipia's specialty might be, to avoid having her step on any toes, and the only two I can come up with is either overcoming the Limit of Energy, or finding a way to either reduce or eliminate the need for Vis for Healing.

Delivered by redcap on the 2nd day of June*, Anno Domini 1184. The message is dated March 22nd.
To: Morticia filia Asclepia scholae Bonisagi, in the Tribunal of Rome
From: Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii, Laurus Argenti, Rhine Tribunal

Salve sodalis Morticia,

The Council of Laurus Argenti has met yesterday, and I brought forward your desire to join the covenant. At this time, we are agreed to extend to you an invitation to become an Honored Guest of Laurus Argenti.

The status of Honored Guest comes with the following rights, as defined by our Charter:

  • First, full and unrestricted access to the protection and support of the covenant within the boundaries of the covenant by all the rights and benefits accorded by the Code of Hermes.
  • Second, the benefit of a sanctum which shall remain inviolate and the supply of materials thereof, and victuals appropriate to the status of a magus.
  • Third, you shall be entitled access to the library and access to the services and skills of the servants and covenfolk, within reason. Note that the needs for the services and skills of servants and covenfolk of any member of the covenant take precedence over the needs of an honored guest.
  • Fourth, access to a laboratory is not guaranteed, but efforts shall be made to provide one. If we are unable to provide you with a laboratory, we can provide you with the resources and space to do so. If you wish to establish a laboratory using your own resources, you will be allowed to depart with those resources only.
  • As per the Rhine Tribunal ruling of 961st year of Ares, a peregrinator (Honored Guest in our Charter) is guaranteed hospitality for no less than three years, unless he commits an offense worthy of censure, and for no more than seven years.

The status of Honored Guest also comes with the following responsibilities defined by our Charter:

  • Honored Guests are obligated to obey the Oath of Hermes and the Peripheral Code, as demanded by the Oath of Fellowship; failure on this account will not be tolerated by the Council of Members, and the covenant reserves the right to censure those guests who are convicted in just Tribunal of an offense against the Order of Hermes.
  • Honored Guests shall pay a fee of three pawns per year, or one pawn per season. An additional one pawn per season shall be paid for use of a laboratory (for the expenses of maintaining its supplies and stores). A season of approved covenant work may substitute for vis, with the value of the service to be agreed upon by the Council of Members before it is performed.
  • Honored guests must report any unclaimed and uncontested vis source that they discover during their stay at the covenant, and are treated as members in such discoveries. This means that you get to keep the the first harvest of a new vis source.
  • Honored guests shall not extract vis from the aura without first getting approval from the Council. Approval shall be valid on a season-by-season basis.

As I mentioned previously, this period of three to seven years will allow us to get to know you better. After that time, or perhaps even before if things go well, formal membership to our covenant may be offered to you.

Let me know if these conditions are acceptable to you and, if that is the case, when we might expect your arrival. Any details about your entourage would also be appreciated, to allow us to plan for their housing.
right Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii[/right]

*We can say that the messages crossed paths, so Petronius still haven't received Morticia's answer. Nothing unusual about it, but I though I'd mention it to avoid any confusion.

**Regarding Aesclepia's specialty, it is not a major concern unless you plan on having ongoing interactions with her during the saga. You just need to decide what kind of relations she had with Octavius (Petronius' pater): good, bad or neutral. This will bleed to a lesser level on Petronius' reaction to Morticia, from the point when he can get some feedback from Octavius to the time he gets to know Morticia personally.

Delivered by redcap on the 19th day of March, Anno Domini 1184.
To: Magister Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii, Irminsul
From: Petronius filius Octavius scholae Bonisagi Mercurii, Laurus Argenti

Dear pater,

Things are just starting to settle down here in Laurus Argenti. It is my hope that I can begin to lay down the foundations for my own research starting this season, now that all of the mundane details have been taken care of. This has been a long time coming, but I am certain that your advice to join a new covenant was good. Now at least I will be able to study without suffering from interruptions, and with the freedom of my own home.

I write to you today to ask what you know of the maga Aesclepia of our own House, from the Tribunal of Rome. I recently received a letter from her newly-gauntleted filia, who goes by the name of Morticia, who was asking to join our covenant. We are considering her request, but for now are only offering her the status of a peregrinator. Having your opinion on her mater would certainly help me advise my covenant-mates as to wether we should eventually offer her membership to our covenant.

right Your Filius, Petronius[/right]

  • A check to see what Petronius remembers of Aesclepia was pitiful: Die roll (2) + Int (3) + Order of Hermes Lore including specialty in House Bonisagus (3) = 8. Enough to remember the name and the fact that she is a Corpus specialist of some kind.

** A check to see what Octavius would know about Aesclepia was much more fruitful: Die roll (1, followed by a 6) + Int (2) + Order of Hermes Lore (3) = 17. He also has the virtue Social Contacts (magi). So he probably knows quite a lot about her. That would fit nicely in the fact that their specialties are similar.

*** I will craft the answer to this letter by Octavius based on what Peregrine_Bjornaer has to say regarding the relationship between Octavius and Aesclepia. I will probably fill in some blanks, as required.

A letter delivered to Laurus Argenti in mid-July 1184; the timing would indicate that Morticia had given the redcap an expressage to have the message expedited.

To: Petronius filius Octavius of Bonisagus, Laurus Argenti, Rhine Tribunal
From: Morticia filia Aesclipia of Bonisagus, late of the Covenant Literatus, Rome Tribunal

Thank you for your detailing my duties and obligations as an Honored Guest. I shall do everything in my power to meet my obligations and exceed your expectations. I hope that I will be able to be provided an extant laboratory for my research, but if not, I would be happy to construct a laboratory that, in the event that I am not able to stay, the Covenant can use in the future.

The rent, should I be required to pay in vis, may be problematic, as I am (obviously) not well enough acquainted with the area to be able to track down adequate vis sources. I will be happy to trade my services for the rent, if the Council will accept my offer.

I will be bringing a total of four unGifted with me: my maidservant and her husband, a chef of no small talent, and two men-at-arms, one of whom has assumed the mantle of my bodyguard. The chef and the one man-at-arms will be at your disposal once we've arrived, as will my bodyguard when I do not require her services.

We will be leaving for Laurus Argenti at the end of August, and I am told that it will take about a month to arrive (we will be traveling overland). I will be leaving a lock of my hair with my mater in case she has to contact me for whatever reason.

With great expectations,
Morticia filia Aesclipia of Bonisagus.

At this point, I don't expect to have anything for Aesclipia beyond a figure in Morticia's background. Let's go with her wanting to reduce/eliminate the need for Vis for healing rituals. Not sure how this would tie in or compete with Octavius's (and, I'm sorry, but I keep calling him "Doc Ock" in my head for some reason :smiley: ) research or if he would see her as competition to be dealt with. Right now, I'm kind of picturing their relationship as "neutral."

That's fine by me.

Note that, with Petronius being away from the covenant during the summer for a story, he will get Morticia's last two letters only shortly before she arrives. So there will be some people scrambling for her arrival. :laughing: