Prelude: Meetings

Poena looked up at the light knock at her office door. "Yes?" Her amber eyed steward opened the door.

"Myrteus Laterala is here Prima"

"Show her in."

Poena put down the report from Janus she had been reading and stood as Laterala entered. Laterala was leaning slightly on a cane as she made her way into the room. Poena stepped around her desk and came out to meet her. "Your leg bothering you again?" she asked.

"Mind your own business you old bat." Laterala spats.

"All members of the House are my business you ugly old toad. Is that a new eye patch?" answered Poena with a grin spreading over her face. She gestures to a seat near the fire and takes the other one. Once they had settled in Poena leans forward to speak. "I take it your trip went well?"

"My longevity ritual? Yes." Laterala responds. "Your gambit with the Mercere has paid off in that respect. Korvin does exemplary work in that regard."

Poena studies her guest in silence for a moment. "And your other contract. It seemed to come off well."

"Do you mean I did not get caught?" Laterala says testily. "Of course not."

The Tremere Prima takes a deep breath breath before continuing. "I wish to discuss your future tasks. I would like to to take another apprentice."

Laterala snorts. "What? Is Opimius not working out well?"

"He is a bit...unstable."

Laternala chuckles "I can't remember who warned you about that. Oh wait. Now I remember." She glares at Poena with her one eye.

"Your House asks this. We will have the candidates for your inspection this afternoon."

Laterala gestures with her right hand and looks away as if in surrender. "Is that all?"

"No. How is your talisman coming along?"

"In the planning stages."

"I would like you to work on it soon."

"Like I have the time. Is that all?"

"No. I want you to be aedile for a new oppidum.

Laterala leaps up from her seat. "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!"

"No I have not. It is at Hèviz.

At this Laterala's anger seems to fade a bit and she sits. "Not watching children then?"

Moving through the labyrinth of Coeris can be hard. Endless checkpoints and wards to pass. Make a wrong turn because it is Wednesday and the corridor is only open on Tuesday and Thursday can ruin your day. But the group made no wrong turns. Poena leads, occasionally making a comment or answering a question from Laterla, who has her head down and is reading through several sheets of paper. A young girl follows the two older magi. Her eyes wide and staring at all around her. And trailing her is a man dressed all in black. He seems to move from shadow to shadow. The light from the torches never really illuminating him.

As they round a corner, two people are seen coming the other way towards them. Laterala slows down, catching the girl by the hand to slow her as well. Poena is hailed by the taller of the two approaching.

"Greeting Prima."He puts his right hand to his chest in the Roman fashion.

"And you Chief Quaesitor Cunobarrus." she says making as if to move on her way.

Cunobarrus shifts to almost block her way. "It is fortuituous that we should meet. I was just coming to see you. I wanted to see if my petition to invite my good friend Valerian to visit the Tribunal. I've not heard anything from the Praeco."

Poena is clearly annoyed at Cunobarrus' antics. " I shall ask Albertus to give me an update when I see him next week. Is that all?"

Cunobarrus steps back. His gaze shifts to Laterala and the others behind Poena."Yes. I understand that a new oppidum is being formed at Hèviz. You know I disagree with this decision. I lost a good man there that last time. What are the plans for this new Oppidum."

Poena is poised to speak but is interrupted by a dry chuckle from behind. Laterala steps around Poena and leans close to Cunobarrus. "Ignorance is bliss my friend. Do not burden yourself with the secrets of scary people." She pats him on the chest and moves on down the hallway with the young girl in tow.

Several minutes later Poena catches up with the group. "That could have gone better." she chides Laterala. "We will have to let Valerian visit."

"Let him come." Laterala says in a bored sort of way. "This is not Normandy."