Prepare to be jealous

I couldn't make Dragonmeet, on account of having a prior commitment, so I didn't get to meet Robin Laws. But I did persuade a friend who was going to it to do me a favour.

So now my copy of the FS core rules is signed by the man himself.

Screenshot or it didnĀ“t happened! :mrgreen:


I am jealous. I don't suppose you got your friend to ask him if there was ever going to be any further Feng Shui editions did you? (I'm going to assume no, or you would have posted to this effect, but you know...gotta hope)

Hm, FS 2.0 looks rather bad right now. The rights are with Atlas Games and they have stopped producing new material after GotA. After my understanding this means that right now FS is more in the limbo and a new edition should not be expected. Unfortunately if I may add.