Priory of St. Nerius and Holy Magic

Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding material from RoP: Divine.

First, the background for the questions is an idea for a NPC. He was a young member of the Knights Hospitalier, going to the holy land in the end of the 12th century, right before the Saracens took Jerusalem. While there, he met a magus of the Priory of St. Nerius, and certain events happened, and he became his apprentice, since he had the Gift and True Faith.

First question: would it be fair to say that a magus of the Priory of St. Nerius would only teach his apprentice the ability Holy Magic instead of Magic Theory?

Second question: could the knight remain a member of the Hospitalliers, and still be a member of the Priory?

Third question: could this character qualify for House Ex Miscellanea, a group of Crusader Knights of St. Nerius?

Any thoughts?


I would be inclined to say no. Presuming the parens is fully a member of the Order of Hermes, he/she would certainly impart the basics of MT. Now, the SG could certainly justify allowing a lesser score in MT (say 1 or 2) in deference to a arguably greater focus by the parens in the skill of Holy Magic throughout the course of apprenticeship, but the essential difference between hedge and Hermetic Magic (parma aside) is its devotion to a growing body of theoretical knowledge which privdes the framework for replicating the magical understanding of the parens in the fili.

Anything is possible, but consider that one is wholly a mundane ecclesiastic organisation subject to the King and ultimately the Pope. Thus it would be a serious matter of divided loyalties IMO and one which would be walking a fine line of direct contravention to the sworn Hermetic Oath (not to meddle in the affairs of mundanes).

Secondly, I would treat membership of the Order as a Dark Secret to his Hospitalier comrades and superiors, given that discovery of such practices in the ranks of such fanatics would undoubtedly raise the cry of witchcraft and lead to a very unpleasant barbecue.

The nice thing about Ex Misc is that just about anything, not directly satisfied by one of the other Houses, can qualify.

There is already a Hermetic Knighthood [serf's parma], Knights of the Green something or other, which I recall reading somewhere but sadly cannot recollect for reference purposes. Suffice to say that if you are so inclined you can always invent your own tradition, movement, subgroup or what have within the scope of Ex Misc, if that's what the player wants (and the SG will allow).

Those are my two mythic pounds worth anyways.


If this particular character remains a "foot soldier" of the Hospilaters, and has no ambitions of leadership, he should IMHO very well could get away with it. But any Hermetic enemies would and could use every opportunity to accuse him, so he'd better not use any overt magic in his line of Hospitaler work.

I agree that Magic Theory as known by Hermetics is essential to becoming a magus (and not merely a gifted individual, with all the draw backs of the Gift, and nopne of the advantages - able to do magic for instance).
I also agree that someone already fully proficient in Holy Magic could save the time, and emphasize Holy Magic more than..."magic" Magic...or whatever we call it. He would surely teach his apprentice in the most efficient way, while still following the "rules". I do believe there is some minimum requirement regarding the knowledge of Magic Theory needed to become accepted. If you, for instance, integrate a fully proficient Hedge Mage, they need to be taught Magic Theory (as well as Parma, to avoid ticking off other Magi with their unshielded Gift!).

The Knights of the Green whatnot is also something I remember seeing a reference to, but can't for sure say where. My best guess it that's it's one of the samle Mystery Cults from The Mysteries. I'll look it up when I get home.

Given that Holy Magi believe normal magic theory is inherently sinful, there's no way that they'd teach it to an apprentice. Besides, Holy Magic is just a variant of Magic Theory and so to an hermetic magus, they just appear to have the Incomprehensible flaw. They're rambling idiots who can't write a decent book, but they're still using Hermetic theory.

Sure. The only thing the order forbids is belonging to multiple houses (and you can still do that anyway, since House Criamon regard anyone learning Enigmatic Wisdom as one of their own regardless of what any other house might say) and being a court wizard. Your membership of mundane associations is forbidden only in so far as it might bring down the wrath of the mundanes upon your sodales.